Essays on British Airways - Business Management Practice, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Business Ethics Case Study

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The paper “ British Airways - Business Management Practice, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Business Ethics” is a   great example of the case study on management. The classical school of management has contributed greatly to the Success of business management by enhancing the implementation of an appropriate management structure and culture together with effective methods of managing the behavior and attitude of the business workforce. One of the key principles of classic scientific management developed by Fredrick Winslow Taylor is the scientific selection and proper training of employees in order to achieve efficiency and increased productivity in the workplace.

(Alajloni, 2010 p. 61). This principle has been employed effectively in both the public and private sectors. Since the development of this principle, the recruitment process for employees has been revolutionized. Organizations have become more focused when recruiting new employees in order to ensure the right person capable of performing the duties is selected. The hiring process for key managerial jobs on offer in the civil service, local government and other public institutions are now conducted with thorough scrutiny. The candidates are usually screened and the refined list given to well recognized Human resources recruiting agencies for further interviewing of the candidates in order to pick the most suitable candidate for the job.

The process of evaluation of the potential candidate involves taking them through a series of tests as advocated by the scientific management theory. In addition, it has become a common practice in both the public and private sectors to further train the new candidates before they assume their new offices. The focus of the training is to customize the experience and diverse knowledge of the successful candidate to their new position.

This will allow them to conduct their work duties to the required standards, achieve efficiency and increased productivity. Another aspect of classical management that is gaining root in establishing effective methods of management structure is the clear division of labour as advocated by both Taylor and Henry Fayol in his classical administrative theory.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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