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Introduction Cardboard Containers Limited, a manufacturing organization, has three warehouses located in areas around United Kingdom. One of the warehouses located in Blackburn has recently declined. Because the rate of production has reduced many resources get wasted. To help increase the turnover rate in the warehouse a good project has to be set and thus competent project management skills must be employed. The objective of the management of the warehouse is to utilize all the available resources, increase the level of production while maximizing profits. This requires commitment, skill and effort from both the managers and the other workers in the warehouse. In order to achieve its objective, managers of the warehouse have to set up an effective project and come up with the project management tool.

This project s intended to salvage the situation of Blackburn warehouse before it collapses. This also requires that employees are well acquainted with the company’s vision in order to know their goal. When the goal is well communicated, working at the objectives is easy. Before coming up with the project aimed at improving the company’s condition, the manager will need to have an assessment of the company’s external environment.

This involves looking at the trends in the market in order to make the necessary changes to the operation of the warehouse. This helps improve the value of their products. The manager will also look at the opportunities in the field have not been exploited, thus taking advantage of this opportunities in order to improve on sales which in the long run will lead to increase in production. While taking advantage of opportunities one needs to look at the threats facing the industry and try to devise ways to avoid these threats. After looking at the external environment then the internal environment needs to be assessed.

This involves the strengths and weaknesses of the warehouse and the company in general. This is achieved by looking at the previous budgets to see how company resources had been used and how efficient and effective the resources were used, the costs incurred and the prices charged by the company previously. The human resource department should also be examined to establish issues in staffing and employees motivation.

This is crucial to improve on production level and the quality of goods produced. Other internal aspects like perception of the company, time management, and availability of resources should also be looked into. After knowing the opportunities that the company could embrace, the threats that it faces, its strengths and weaknesses then the mission and vision of the warehouse should be reviewed in order ascertain whether they are still relevant or they should be changed. This helps in creation of both long-term and short-term goals.

The goals set must be attainable as they dictate whether the vision of the warehouse can be attained. For example, a goal can be set to increase the rate of turnover by 37% at the end of one financial year. After setting up relevant attainable goals then measureable objectives aimed at attaining the goals set should be set up, for example, utilizing all the available resources effectively and efficiently including the idle machine as this will help improve production. The number of machine operators could also be reduced to reduce time wasting and then using part of the team in other departments, for example the sales department.

When this is done and the employees are made aware of the objectives, team work improves and thus production and sales. A follow up to quantify the progress made to meet the objectives set should then start. This helps identify when a certain objective was fully met, what costs the company incurred to meet this objective and who helped in achieving the set objective. This can help in the reward process.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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