Essays on Concept & Process of Marketing - Cornflower Blue Company Case Study

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The paper 'Concept & Process of Marketing - Cornflower Blue Company " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Cornflower Blue Company operates a small number of outlets. The nature of the products that are traded is basically consumables. From the information provided, the company has a lot of potentials to expand and be fully established. To achieve this, there is a need to put in place the appropriate marketing strategies. This will enable the company to capitalize on the gaps that could be in the market in order to trade profitably.

This document analyzes the various strategies that can be used by the company in order to achieve its strategic plans. Task One: Concept & Process of Marketing A marketing concept is simply a unique approach adopted by a business entity to sell its products. It involves identifying and satisfying customers’ needs in a unique way. This approach lays emphasis on customer needs. Cornflower Blue must first of all investigate what the customer needs before designing the specific product to meet that need. After understanding the needs of the consumer, Cornflower Blue ought to direct its objectives towards the needs of the customers (Kotler 2001, p.

138). In essence, this implies that the needs of consumers turn out to be the focus of the Cornflower Blue. This is based on the information regarding the value addition aspect brought about by customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are an asset to the business and this makes it the major focus for the business. The gain of customer satisfaction is the profit aspect of the marketing process. Cornflower Blue has greatly benefited from customer satisfaction as most of the products of the company are marketed by word of mouth by customers.

Cornflower Blue therefore ought to satisfy the needs of consumers optimally at a profit. A marketing-oriented business is focused on the process of identifying and meeting the needs of consumers. In doing that, there are so many activities that are involved in the process. Considering the various products being marketed by Cornflower Blue, the company is likely to use diverse approaches.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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