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The paper "Business Model Canvas for New Bakery" is a perfect example of a business case study.   There seem a huge growth in the bakery business in urban and semi-urban areas due to the fact that people nowadays do not have time to prepare products at home; hence, they prefer purchasing from bakeries and visit restaurants. Therefore, the given business plan is expected to provide an overview of a bakery that we are going to open in the Victoria region in Australia. The prime products entail snacks, cakes, sweets, biscuits, nimko, and bread.

For restaurants, coffee is also one of the product to complement the bakery products. The given assessment will provide an overall plan including marketing, financial, technical, and human resources feasibility analysis. Introduction In this report, a business plan for a chain of café is being proposed, with the first outlet being established inside of The Glen Shopping Centre in Victoria, Australia. This shopping centre and the community in the nearby areas which is developing at a rapid rate around it presents a major business opportunity, that will provide a strong foundation for the expansion of the chain as well.

The café is being proposed to be built right at the entrance of the shopping centre and is planned to have access from both inside and outside of the shopping centre so that it is accessible to the customers both inside the mall as well as the residential or commercial customers outside. The main objective in establishing this café is to establish it as the prime choice for all the customers of the shopping centre, staff members and residents around the area. In this business plan, the details related to the operation of a single café outlet at the Glen Shopping Centre is being proposed.

Based upon the success and profitability of the café and the time that it takes to break even, the decision about establishing its other outlets in different other locations will be taken. This report describes some of the crucial aspects of the business plan, like the business model canvas, identification of the key aspects related to the business operations as well as the financial aspects of the business. This report also performs brief feasibility analysis of the business operations as well, from multiple perspectives. Business Model Canvas A business model canvas is regarded as a strategic tool for the businesses, used primarily for start-ups or new business ventures and it identifies briefly and concisely, the key aspects associated with the business operations being proposed.

In this section, the 10 key elements that are the main pillars of the business model canvas are being described. Customer Segments As already mentioned above, the location of this café makes it accessible to a large number of people which makes it an extremely lucrative business venture.

The prime customer segment that it targets is the shoppers who visit the mall as well as the staff members who work there. As it is already established that the shopping centre targets those people who belong to the above-average socio-economic demographic, and a high level of disposable income, this is also the typical target for the cafes as well. With its focus on the healthy product range, clearly, an important behavioural profile of the target customer segment is health consciousness.

There is no specific age-related target profile for the target customers, and therefore, it also contains child-friendly alternatives as well. In fact, families and young singles are one of the major proportions of the visitors to the shopping centre, and are, therefore, a strong target base for the café as well. The café also provides take away beverage options, so that it can appeal to the customers, as they can shop or work on the go while being able to enjoy the products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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