Essays on Business Model and Feasibility Analysis of Woolworths Limited Case Study

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The paper "Business Model and Feasibility Analysis of Woolworths Limited" is an outstanding example of a case study on business. A business model of a company is generally an outline of the approach that a business entity would employ to make and maintain revenue inflows while guaranteeing present and future profitability. The business model also describes the architectural configuration of an organization that would underpin its operations and thus helps the organization create value that would be attractive to customers (Morris, Schindehutte and Allen 2005). While Woolworths Limited, which is a diversified retailer in Australia, is a large corporation grossing 58.1 billion Australian dollars and with a longstanding history spanning 93 years, it has a relatively simple business model.

Through its integrated competitive strategy that combines differentiation and cost leadership strategies, the company employs a low-cost business model that targets the mass market with high-quality consumer goods at a low price (Zott and Amit 2010). The ensuing discussion focuses on the business model and plan of Woolworths Limited and starts by building the company’ s business model canvas. Thereafter, a feasibility analysis involving market feasibility, technical feasibility, human feasibility, and financial feasibility is undertaken.

In each of these segments, the business plan of the company is incorporated. Business model canvas A business model canvas describes the value proposition, finances, customers, and the infrastructure of a firm or the product and thus documents the existing business model of a given business enterprise. Specifically, according to Osterwalder and Pigneur (2010), a business model canvas addresses 9 building blocks, which include the key partners, the key activities, the key resources, the value propositions, the customer relationships, the customer segments, the channels, the cost structure and the revenue streams of a business enterprise, in this case, of Woolworths Limited.

Each of the nine aspects of the business model of Woolworths Limited is described as follows.


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