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Management refers to the act and attitude of being in charge of responsibilities of controlling other people or activities. Management comprises of Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling an organization with the aim of accomplishing a set of common goals. Management can also be expressed as an activity that controls and monitors workers in any organization with the target of achieving some desired goals set by the firm. With the changing time, management has also evolved. This is as a result of decentralization in the model of the organization where management has evolved resulting in some alterations, in the duty of management.

Nowadays, management mainly focuses on facilitating the activities of the workers rather than controlling them as was the norm in earlier days. Proper management is best tool to ensure productivity in an organization or a company. General motor is an automaker company that is based in the United States. It is the first automotive research centre in the world and was invented by Charles Kettering in 1920. Since then, the automaker company has made a substantial progressing its development and was listed as a leading stock exchange company in November 2010.

It has several branches in United States and even some in other continents. This shows how enormous the company is, and how famous it has become all over the globe. General motors is the second automaker company worldwide, and it's headquarter is based in Detroit, Michigan. This company is among the best automakers in the world, and that produces the best vehicle models. Total quality management (TQM) is a business philosophy that encourages quality management in every stage of production.

It is believed that adding value or improving the quality of products will help in marketing, since it will improve competitiveness. General motors implemented this in order to provide proper services to their customers. TQM only requires one to the system of operation in a business and implementing better methods and ideas. For example, there should be training for employees in order to ensure that they provide quality service to customers. There should be a close relation between the workers and the management where by the workers are allowed to make a decision at all levels.

This makes them feel responsible and will be committed to their duties without supervision. Although TQM may be a bit expensive, it has been evident that GM cannot regret having implemented it. This system has ensured that GM has remained to be among the best producers of cars and trucks worldwide. The company offers training sessions for their workers and ensured that they gain the best skills. Empowerment of workers improved the relationship between them and the customers. One of the key factors that they are taught is the best ways of handling customers.

Some customers are polite and other extremely rude. This provided the workers with knowledge and skills to handle different people. The workers in the production sector are also trained on how to produce quality products that would please the customers. The customers are provided with quality service making them comfortable in buying their goods in the company. Workers handle customers with professional skills making them feel appreciated. They see the company as a civilized one since the workers handle their customers in a disciplined manner (De Cieri, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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