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The paper 'Business Operations at Microsoft" is a perfect example of a business case study. There is a need for a well-organized system of operation management for businesses to achieve their set goals. The products provided need to be of high quality and all the stakeholders are to be involved in the management process. This will lead to consumer satisfaction and smooth supply network. Various companies have been analyzed to ascertain there operations management systems and control systems. An example of one company is Microsoft that has been a leader in product provision (Alphonce 2006, P.

345). Microsoft specializes in computer technology; the company is situated in Redmond in the United States of America. The company deals in the manufacture licenses and software for computers and electronic appliances. The company has been in the lead in the production of software all over the world. Their product has remained acceptable in all the decades until the present. Microsoft has always made sure all their customers are aware of their potential. All over the globe software to hardware and many times they provide knowledge on users of their products.

Products provided by the company include but not limited to operating systems and applications. All knowledge for IT professionals and developers is provided including devices (Borton & Warren cited in zurn 2004). Christy and Crendon (2006, P. 54) confirm that the company has always geared to new heights in the economy, to allow for new players in the sector to flourish. The use of a new division called applications and operations has made the company achieve its goals. Recently the company has made use of another division called online network division which has enabled users of the division to access the internet irrespective of where they come from. Outstanding and loyal workforce for all projects are employed, they have enabled the company objective to become a reality.

The diverse workforce which comprises of minority, women and men work together in harmony. Through the issuance of stock purchasing, all the employees perform according to the stipulated rules and regulations. This has enabled cultural differences to be minimized by more than 50 countries. The introduction of smart software called Neptune has led to high growth of new products and their supply network has increased.

Over the years the company has recorded high profits from all its subsidiaries. This has been made possible because of the products that have been produced. All the company products have had consumer acceptance and appraisal. All the products have features that are used in all household activities (Kirby 2008, P. 76). This is because they are always cost-effective and are integrated easily. This has led to proper standardization and advantage of competitiveness. The company has been known for the best in windows series with a market share of 88%.

Its latest innovations have made the company to be among the leading name recognition as its name still stays high. Many individuals and organizations have always opted to work and give services to the company. Apart from all its achievements the company failed to anticipate and change the need for internet users. This changed from 1995 – 2000, where there was the development of internet interphone. After the inception of the internet, the company’ s chief architect has not come up with a new line of products for consumers.

This has led to a dependency on hardware providers to do the initial installation of all operating systems. Hence the need for a new product is most required for the company to achieve its goals (MacNamara 2005, P. 76).


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