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The paper "Business Plan of Velma Spa" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Velma spa is an upcoming business located in Chicago town. We offer physical health, body massage, and mental wellbeing. This plan has been written to show its progress and projection for the future. Objectives Increase its service performances from six to ten per day. Provide all equipment and other customers’ needs required within eight months. Have around 80% customer turn out by the end of the first year. Be the best spa in the area within two years. Mission To offer high standard physical, mental health and body massage in a customer-friendly environment. Goal Improvement of our services in regard to our customers’ suggestions, previous experiences, and their feedbacks. Keys to success                                                      Location The business has been located in a highly-populated area ‘ Chicago town’ . Professionalism A staff of well trained professional employees will enable us to offer our services to the standard required. Marketing This is the first and foremost element in the success of any business. Hospitality   All the customers will be treated according to their needs, desires, and wishes.

This has enabled clients to come back, again and again, bringing with them other new clients. Services and Products Velma spa offers services like mental relaxation, therapeutic, facial and body treatment.

Amongst the beauty products we have are the cosmetics and creams. Strategy and implementation summary Our main strategy is to offer the best services to our customers and be one of the most competitive spas in the market and to make maximum profit with the aid of our skillful employees. Competitive Edge Our strategic location, hospitality, customer interaction and a team of qualified professionals not forgetting our best services has enabled us to fit in the race of competition. Marketing strategy The business is located near a saloon that does not offer these services.

Our Web site is always available having all the services offered in our spa hence customers can book appointments with ease online. Continuous advertisements and accommodation of referrals from various hotels and health care providers. Sales strategies Its aim is to make maximum profit, our sales strategy is therefore to be a direct caregiver. To acquire this, the management has carried out visits to various best performing spas worldwide. Management summary The business is named after the owner who is Madam Velma.

She manages the business. She is also one of the marketing personnel in the business. She was a medical practitioner for the past seven years. She was a hard-working lady in the field. She led in the field to make a high profit for the business. With the same spirit, she believes her spa can do the same. Personnel plan The Company consists of two hundred and thirty-six employees. Most of them are physiotherapists and aestheticians. The others work in other areas that do not deal with the two named above like clerks and front office secretaries.

All the employees are paid 100%. The salary is majorly based on the company’ s monthly sales. This calls for 100% performers by the employees to have the needed salary. The manager also gets funds from other sources. Financial plan A major source of salary being our sale, the company has decided to have proper planning and strategies to ensure the maintenance, stability, and improvement of the factors that contribute to the income generation. This will enable us to reduce the rate of loss that may be incurred while increasing gain.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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