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A Proposal to Setup SSC For Housing Construction Business in LondonMarch 2008, London. Sam Sons Constructions (UK)Key ExecutivesBusiness ProfileMarketSales Key CompetitorsSam Sons Constructions112, Roth Line StreetLondonUKKey ExecutivesMr SV Rao, Chairman and Managing DirectorMr K S N Rao, Director and President (Business Operations)Mr George Peter, Director (Sales and Marketing)Mr V N N Patil, Chief General Manager (Operations)Ms Sheetal, Chief Manager (Finance)Mr Venu P K, Chief Manager (Design)Mr Indrajit R, General Manager (Project Implementation)Business ProfileSam Sons Constructions (SSC), a new enterprise, would be setup in central London to cash in on the booming housing construction business in central London.

SSC would focus on flourishing housing construction business. The new unit would be setup with an initial capital of £500 million. The company staged a decision to mobilize required funds from the central bank of London. The new unit is expected to be operational by end 2008. The company intends to carry out its business by efficiently utilizing the men and material. The company would be setup in a central location to carry out its tasks effectively. The company would procure the necessary raw materials for construction including bricks, machinery, cement and other materials locally.

The company would recruit cheap labor from foreign countries such as India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The company aims to employ talented, hardworking and best among the industry. Salary is not a constraint for the right candidate. The company proposes to offer timely promotions to its employees, who strive hard for the company, to boost their morale and thereby to improve production. The company will also offer stock plan options to its employees to get more production. The company will appoint a committee to oversee the work progress.

The company will install inventory packages to effectively monitor the inventory level and to take procurement actions. SSC would seek the assistance of consultants in the local market to ascertain the needs of local customers. In general, the people in London prefer spacious houses with garden. They also prefer well-furnished houses. The company will tie up with the local merchants and furnishing industries to source best furniture for the houses. A well-planned and furnished house is preferred by every one. The customers don’t need to run for furniture for their new houses.

The company also offers houses on installment basis. The company will also establish relations with a local bank to offer finance support for needy persons at an affordable interest rate. SSC would come up with an initial public offering (IPO) to mobilize additional resources if necessary in the near future. The company also staged a decision to create an insurance fund to cater for any unexpected events. The company will also setup a welfare fund for the benefit of its employees.

SSC would engage a research team to gather information about consumers’ preferences for houses. The design team will consider all these factors when designing the houses to meet the consumers’ needs. The company would obtain approvals from the local authorities for its projects. The company will construct its projects as per international standards strictly adhering to quality standards. Safety is the top most priority of the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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