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11.0 REFERENCES. 191.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.1PREAMBLE Queensway Plastics Ltd will be a new manufacturer of polythene products in Australia. It will be a proprietorship business, and as such, I shall be the owner. Queensway Plastics Ltd shall manufacture polythene products such as bottles, recycle bins, water reservoirs, carrier bags, planting bags among others. 1.2HISTORY AND BACKGROUNDPolythene packaging has become a common phenomenon in the modern world. The rise in usage of these polythene packaging can be attributed to the availability of low-priced plastics. Thus, companies both small and large are producing high volumes of polythene particularly from waste disposals.

The plastics are nonbiodegradable and hence a nuisance as far as the urban environment is concerned. In order to curb environmental pollution, a new trend that is, recycling of packaging materials has been developed. As a result, such products as carrier bags have been on the rise. Polythene products have a ready market both locally and globally due to their low costs. Recyclable materials are collected from households and industries. Production process takes place whereby the waste is purified, segregated, graded, chopped and palletized. 1.3. MISSION STATEMENT AND STRATEGIC PLANA research, which was done by Porcher, (2003) stated that both vision and mission statement plays a crucial role in organizational planning.

They both provide a future direction the company (Porcher, 2003, P. 178). The mission statement and strategic plan of Queensway Plastics Ltd is as follows; 1.3.1. Mission statementThe company guarantees customer satisfaction through the provision of excellent services and branding. 1.3.2. Strategic planThe company aims at committing a substantial amount of resources that is, time, finances and labor in order to target local and global markets. 1.4. GROWTH PROJECTIONQueensway Plastics Ltd is projected to grow into three phases; PHASEFURTHER PROCESSMONTHS YIELDPhase #1Film blowing (shaping)3 months60TonnesPhase #2Side & bottom seal (bag making)3month – 6monthPlus20TPhase #3Injection and blow moldings6months – 12monthsPlus20TTotal tonnage after one year 100Tonnes1.5.

SWOT ANNALYSISAn evaluation of Queensway Plastics Ltd strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, as well as threats, will help to determine the scope upon which the company will accomplish its desired objectives (Hill & Jones, 2009, P. 19). STRENGTHStrengths that will enable Queensway Plastic Ltd to have distinctiveness over other firms in polythene manufacturing industry include the following; Most goods sold are packaged in polythene bags and, therefore, there is availability of a ready market.

Demand for these bags is always high and thus, profit potential for Queensway Plastics Ltd will be enormous. Plastics are readily available and, therefore, starting up this business will not be a major challenge. The road networks around Queensway are fabulous and, therefore, transportation of raw materials and finished goods will not be a problem. The cost associated with producing a polythene bag is relatively low implying that the commodity is easily affordable by all classes of consumers. Other strengths include; availability of skilled workforce, favorable weather conditions in Australia, a simple production process and uncomplicated delivery channels.

WEAKNESSThe following aspects can create a disadvantage to Queensway Plastic Ltd; Small allocation of advertising resources and hence a smaller market share. Stiff competition from other leading polythene manufacturers in Australia like Qenos. Start-up cash-drains. Gaps in financial capabilitiesOPPURTUNITYOpportunities refer to aspects that allow a company to carry out its operations in an effective manner (Hill & Jones, 2009,P. 19) The main opportunities of Queensway Plastic Ltd include the following; An increase in Australia’s population over the last few years will increase the polythene bags’ sales volume. Queensway Plastics Ltd is mostly vulnerable and thus, will not provide intense competition to the firm’s product. THREATSThreats relate to factors outside the firm that hampers the firm from attaining its set objectives (Hill & Jones, 2009, P. 19).

The following factors can prevent Queensway Plastic Ltd from achieving growth and profitability; Expensive license and permits. Change in legislation laws. Presence of many organizations on the same line. 2.0. ORGANISATION PLAN2.1. Management personnelI will take the responsibilities of the executive manager as the owner of Queensway Plastic Ltd.

With this regards, I will be the supervisor of all departments of the organization. Also, I will be assigning duties to my employees. Since I have other commitment elsewhere, I will be managing the organization part time. I shall hire two executives to assist in managing the organization that is; financial controller and administrator and production engineer. The salary of the executive shall be AUD 1,134 each. 2.2. Consultancy of specialist servicesThe specialists will provide services in the technical and engineering field. They will also assist in installing and maintenance of machinery.

I shall pay them on the market consultation rates. 2.3. EmployeesThe business shall employee 20 workers plus one office secretary. I will advertise the job giving full job descriptions and requirements to interested persons through print media like Sydney Morning Herald and The Sunshine Coast Daily. After the advertisement and applications have been received, I will then conduct an interview whereby, I will select the best candidates for the job. The employees shall be classified into machine operator of which 10 shall be in day shift and 10 shall be in night shift.

The day shift rate shall be 11.34 AUD and night shift rate shall be 17.01 AUD. Employment shall be based on experience, testimonial and professional.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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