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The paper "Due Diligence ‘ NEWCO’ " is a good example of a Business assignment. The business plan intends to source a strong team of individuals with sufficient management skills from China and the U. K where the products will be manufactured and assessed before being shipped to Kenya. This will ensure that the powered solar chargers are of high quality, earning the company a high degree of recognition and reliability for the kiosk owners.   The proposed plan wants to ensure that the company manufactures bulky solar-powered products. This will be an advantage for the company since it will enjoy economies of scale when operating against other competitors that may wish to venture into the business.

Production on a large scale ensures that customers don’ t lack the products whenever and wherever they need, hence, developing trust for the company. Apart from the production of solar-powered gadgets, the company has a plan to provide microfinance facilities to both large and small enterprises through its partnership with a microfinance firm. The strength for this step is from the fact that the main source of income for the company shall not only be from the sale of mobile solar-powered chargers but also the interests earned through loans. The feet and street strategy for direct salespersons for NEWCO will ensure wider market penetration and increased sales.

Besides, the salespersons always use language and more explanation about the use of the product in the most layman way to suit the local people’ s level of understanding, therefore attracting more sales. The mobile solar powers for NEWCO have high energy utilization. The durability is calculated to last up to five years. This ability attracts more sales from kiosk vendors who may term the benefit of the gadgets as several times more than their buying cost. Weaknesses The plan has failed to establish intellectual property rights protection for NEWCO in Kenya.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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