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The paper "Serha Ltd - Opportunities on the German Market for Olive Oil" is a perfect example of a business case study. The fundamental goal of this business plan lies in the creation of a document that will be utilised by senior managers to focus on how the Jordanian Company; Serha Ltd can internationalise its operations into the Germany market. The plan covers a total of 5 years whereby the Serha will be engaged in soliciting for olive oil product from the local markets and especially the small-scale farmers and help them to distribute these products to the Germany market.

Serha will be required to plan for this capacity in order to ensure that olive oil delivery process and collection systems from these small-scale traders in Jordan makes it certain that it will meet the aforementioned objective. It is important to note that the business plan is focused on being used by Serha Ltd as a reference guide to the overall operations of the company and thus, takes into consideration the operations and events that will likely happen for the next five or so years.

Despite the fact that the business plan is entirely based on a five-year window, it will be a living document that will be subjected to review twice per year. Incorporation & Business License The company is set to be incorporated as a Limited Liability Company under the Jordanian Companies Law 22 of 1997 (PKF, 2016). The fundamental legal stipulations that are needed for the establishment of the incorporation framework is entirely detailed in the corporation's laws of the Kingdom. The company is owned by the small-scale traders in Jordan through ownership of a specific percentage of shares that are directly related to their capacity to generate and provide olive oil products for distribution to the market in Germany (PKF, 2016). Serha Ltd main activities will this involve such specific activities as a collection of olive oil-related products from small-scale traders, verifying their immediate degree of quality and whether these products meet the stipulations set out in the international markets; soliciting for the direct market in Germany and thereafter, sell or rather distribute to the agencies linked to the company in Germany (PKF, 2016). Analysis of the Economic Status of Germany Despite the fact that Germany is currently experiencing a low per capita consumption of olive oil-related products in comparison to other Mediterranean countries, it can be safely noted that it enjoys a prospect for growing overall market for high-quality olive oils (PWC, 2016).

Considering the fact that more and more of German consumers are now incorporating olive oil into their cooking habits, the basis on the quality and traceability is coming out to be providing imminent opportunities for professional producers and committed speciality exporters from such developing countries as Jordan.

Serha Ltd has a higher level of the opportunity of distributing these products into the German markets since as at now; only a restricted number of developing countries have fully taken the stride of supplying olive oil directly to the market (PWC, 2016). In this regard, successful market access into this economy requires an imminent level of efforts need to accomplish the underlying market’ s organoleptic profiles and thereby ascertain that only necessary product placements and marketing is executed at Serha Ltd.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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