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In general, the paper 'Every1 Fast Food Business Strategies" is a good example of a business plan. Every1 Fast food’ s mission is to provide healthier and natural kitchen made menus that are exciting and customized to meet customer’ s needs. Quality and affordable menus that you can depend on all year round. 1.2 Company Goals Market leader in take-away meals for healthier and quality diets Convenience and speedy of services at friendly prices for both at the shop and home deliveries To attain a growth rate of 20% yearly, through e-marketing and strong Every1 brand positioning. 1.3 Organization Structure     Every1 Fast food will be run by the owner who will be the overall manager.

2 chefs and 2 sales representatives will be hired on a full-time basis. Sales representatives will be hired based on the merit of retail training qualifications from a recognised institution and similar 1-year work experience. Part-time sales representatives will be employed to meet the demand for our products and paid wages as per industry rates per hour and provide a conducive working environment for all employs as stipulated by the Workplace Relations Act. The firm will also need 1 accountant who is qualified and a food van driver to meet deliveries on time to our customers. 2.

Market Feasibility 2.1 Market Size The fast-food industry in Australia has undergone a transformation thanks to consumer awareness of healthy nutritious diet leading to more operators coming in to exploit the opportunities (IBISWorld. com, 2013). According to IBIS World, ‘ Growing industry participation, combined with rising prices as demand for premium products increases, is expected to drive revenue growth of 3.0% over 2016-17. Revenue is forecast to rise by an annualised 3.9% over the five years through 2016-17, to reach $19.3 billion. ’ 2.2 Customers Fast food business attracts customers mainly due to convenience, price and healthy dates.

Every1 fast food will be targeting young working professionals, students in universities and colleges and households with working mothers. Currently, the consumers are getting their products from McDonald's, Subway, Dominos, KFC and Hungry Jack's, but Every1 fast food intends to compete in terms of speed of their services, convenience due to smaller shops closer to customers and friendly menu prices (Tustin, 2008; Conniff, 2005). With the implementation of online e-marketing, Every1 fast food will profile its online customers and plan deliveries strategies that are efficient, customized and profitable as it grows its market share through value creation for loyal customers.

Rewards schemes will be put in place to reward loyal customers at subsidized prizes and redeemable points for repeat purchases. Take-away packaging will be innovative as well as environmentally conscious as this will go along with fast food initial aim of a healthier society stressing its commitments as stated in the mission statement. 2.3 Competition The major players in the fast-food industry are McDonald's, Subway, Dominos, KFC and Hungry Jack's (IBISWorld. com, 2016).

With many years of experience in business and innovative menus has led to the popularity of these chain stores. Every1 fast food analysis has shown the market is viable for a new entrant, bringing in speedy and convenience services closer to customers and customer customised low priced menus coupled with innovative store format (Goodfood. com, 2014). Marketing will be at the core of the success of the business with priorities on e-marketing which is an online management process that will enable Every1 fast food to identify, anticipate and satisfy its target customers at ease enabling interactive, market understanding, speedy deliveries and personalization with loyal online customers for their deliveries as this will grow its fast food deliveries to targeted customers as it creates a strong brand.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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