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The paper "Australian Textile, Clothing and Footwear Industry - Magic Culture " is an outstanding example of a business case study.   Magic Culture which is a clothing company falls under the Australian Textile, clothing and footwear (TFC) Industry. The Australian TFC industry is known to make significant contributions to the social and economic development of Australia. In an increasingly globalised workplace, the operating environment of the TFC industry is being affected by the political, social and technological changes with knowledge and innovation becoming great drivers of growth in this industry.

This industry is also subject to immense competition, especially from imports. The TFC industry includes a range of activities including designing, innovation, and manufacturing, processing and marketing activities. The industry contributes about $ 2.8 billion towards the country output and $1.6 billion towards exports. The industry employs about 48,000 in the formal sector and multiple numbers in home-based employment. In regards to the product ideas and design concepts, they are sourced electronically. The industry is quickly moving towards a free trade market by reducing the tariff barrier. The reduction in tariffs is likely to pose a challenge as it will bring rise to competition from the influx of cheap imports while the increased access.

The reduction in tariff will also offer a good opportunity for the industry to market their products overseas (Walsh, 2009). 2.0 Mission The mission of Magic Culture is to present the customers with stylish designs and cloths that put a lot of energy on all outdoor activities including snowboarding, drifting on the river and even running along the beaches. Magic Culture aims at offering the clients with durable and comfortable clothes that will make them feel wonderful and look good as well. 3.0 Products Magic Culture will focus on selling Women outdoor wear over the internet.

The company will offer the women outdoor clothing in response to the rising demand for seasonal women outdoor clothing. Magic culture will offer the following products Shorts Hats Pants Fleece outerwear. Shirts waterproof breathable, Rain gear, and coated nylon Synthetic clothing for outdoor activities 4.0 Keys to Success To have an accessible website We intend to create a website that will be accessible to all our clients and make it entertaining for them to surf through our website.

We want them to feel like they are taking a trip to their favorite store where they are sure that they can always find something new To strengthen our advertisement We aim at coming up with a strong advertising campaign with the help of the internet. With the internet, we will be able to access a large number of clients and potential clients To enhance our supplier relationship With the help of the internet, we will be able to enhance our supplier relationship and enhance the use of Just In Time concept.

It will also make it possible to facilitate the manufacturing of quality Magic Culture clothing as well as enable faster shipment of all the client's orders.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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