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The paper 'Joy-bringers Restaurant' is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. Joy-bringers enterprise is a partnership whose proprietors are Philip and Jane Tomlin. They are planning to launch a restaurant which is to be situated near ANZ stadium opposite Edwin Flack Avenue. The business is scheduled to launch its operations in about three months’ time. The management of the business will be in the hands of the proprietors. It will be led by the General Manager, Mr. Philip Tomlin. He will be the overall overseer of the business. This business plan gives detailed coverage of how the business will run its operations after it has been launched.

Most of the information in this plan is mainly forecasts and therefore cannot be used to gauge the financial performance of the business. The marketing strategy has highlighted the way the business will cut through the market and establish itself as a market leader. At the same time, projections have been made in relation to the assets that the business will begin its operations with. In using this business plan, the user must understand that this is more of a mini-plan and it may not cover fully every detail that is required in a complete business plan for big companies. Business Description Joy-bringers restaurant is one of its kind.

The whole concept was uniquely developed by the owner, Mr. Philip Tomlin. It is situated opposite Edwin Flack Avenue near ANZ stadium. The building is on 85m2 piece of land. The preference for this place was based on how strategically placed the restaurant would be. The restaurant will serve quite diverse meals that meet the needs of all members at affordable prices.

The restaurant will be designed with unique and exceptional dé cor to give our customer unprecedented luxury. This will be combined with suiting colors. Vision Statement The reason we exist is to ensure we offer products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers in all ways. The blend of services and products we offer will touch every sense of our customers including taste, smell, and sight. We are always focused to ensure that our vision exactly reflects who we are. Mission Statement We look forward to building a brand that will be an anthem to every consumer.

We will be defined by quality in terms of service delivery, our products, and our pricing policy. We look forward to providing meals that will not only meet the daily needs of the consumer, but also the health of the consumer into the unforeseeable future. Objectives and Goals To break even before the third quarter of our operations To control 8.5% of the market share within 3 years To open at least two other outlets within one and a half years To diversify our products and services as fast as we can To the ISO Certification within 6 years


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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