Essays on Business Strategies of 3D4Medical Business Plan

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The paper "Business Strategies of 3D4Medical " is a great example of a business plan.   This study focuses on developing the marketing plan and background strategies for 3D4Medical. The marketing plan embeds background information and the marketing plans which for an integral part of defining the activities of this company. 3D4Medical stands out strategically within the technological field as one of the initial investors in developing medical, healthy and fitness applications which bare important or both education and professional service. There has been a great interest in learning anatomy and physiology in the human body.

3D4Medical, therefore, designs the software which aids in easy learning and understanding of all the complexities involved in human anatomy. The software is embedded in electronic gadgets and software such as Windows, Android, and Mac Operating systems. The study focuses on some of the marketing strategies, industry information and competitive strategies which are beneficial to 3D4Medical to enable it to become successful in its venture of promoting health and medical technology. The document also contains some of the financial projections and trends of 3D4Medical which can be used to dictate the profitability or otherwise of the organizations.

Being one of the initial ventures in developing the application for studying human anatomy and general physiology, the document additionally underscores some of the best operational strategies that are significant to 3D4Medical within the highly competitive medical field (Hameed 2003). Background Professionals, as well as academicians, usually rely on the aspect of visualization as a means of illustration. These professionals required a well-structured and labeled diagrams or representation of the human anatomy to aid in building the understanding of the human body. There has been an increase in the desire from shifting the study from the manual and pictorial representation to a technology-based platform which is more quality and highly effective.

Medical organizations such as hospitals require the use of technology as a means of enabling them to explain and communicate aspects related to human bodies. For example, patients or the general public require a well-architected representation of the human body to enable them to understand basic communication. Besides, people within the academic fraternity use these visualizations for purposes of learning. The high demand for the visualization aspects provided an opportunity for 3D4Medical to venture in developing unique applications which aid in understanding human anatomy.

The applications which have been made user-friendly and found in portable devices has made it easy to communicate and study the human body courtesy of 3D4Medical. Besides, the apps have been fitted with searchable indexing system which helps in aiding learning activities on any topical issues within the application. The problem Presently, there is significant resource utilization in seeking to develop an understanding of the human body especially in learning facilities and medical organizations.

Significant research and studies that equally consume a lot of time have been the only remedy in such a scenario. Besides, the learning centers and the medical organizations have had a significant difficulty n communication the important information which usually relate to the human body to patients and the pupils. This has been orchestrated by the lack of a well-visualized system which is easy to understand and interpret.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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