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The paper "High Heights Travel Agency Business Plan" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Over the last few decades the tourism industry has been experiencing an augmented growth this is mainly attributed to the fact that there is the emergence of a borderless world, an increased level of information dissemination among individuals in almost all the places in the world with the Australian region being no exception (Mintzer, 2007). HH services to the customers will be positioned in such a way that the customers’ needs are provided with characteristics such as high-quality services, information services, and the services will also be tailored based on each customer's individual needs thus at the end of its all the companies objectives will ultimately be achieved and the customers will have a much greater gratefulness on the surrounding natural environment (WOOD, 2010). 1.1 Objectives HH travel agency has set certain objectives which they aim to achieve and attain, the objectives include The company aims at having an accelerating level in sales The company will develop its brand name to ensure that there is a higher retention level of the clients and also in one way help in increasing HH’ s pricing power. Increase the level of customer satisfaction by offering services of high quality which will make the company prosperous. Development of premeditated alliances with the most efficient service providers so as to ensure the delivery of better services to their clients. 1.2 Mission statement The mission of high heights travel agencies is to offer exclusive, extravagance tours and travel proficiencies to the customers which will lead to a high level of customer satisfaction.

The company employee will be nurtured and created in vigorous, enthusiastic, reverential and pleasant surroundings and they will be remunerated accordingly thus there will be respect for the clients since they are the core of the business.

Measurement of the level of customer satisfaction will be done by evaluating the number of times a client’ s returns to the company to be offered a similar service as before. HH travel agency will differentiate itself from the other companies offering similar services by majoring mostly in adventure and leisure. HH will consequently provide incomparable services to their esteemed clients with the chief aim of forestalling the desires and wants of all clients.

This will be achieved by the use of an effective and efficient program which will be run by the highly skilled personnel in the company which will ultimately ensure that both the staff and the employed enjoy the service been delivered and the offering of the service so in essence everyone will be appealed due to the high level of professionalism been used in the line of service delivery. 1.3 Keys to success Like any other company, high heights travel agencies have certain aspects that they consider to be key to their success in the market.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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