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The paper "Upgrading Along Value Chains" is an excellent example of coursework on business. Supply chain management describes the management of the flow of goods being offered by the firm. Describing the nature of the commodity being offered by the fitness firm, the only requirement is the attendance of people to offer them the services.   The fitness firm is thus concerned with managing well its operations in order to make sure that the clients benefit well. This will be the main activities that will ensure that training in the center will have the quickest changes possible.

The firm will also be involved in procurement activities such as refreshments and other related goods such as cleaning equipments and training gear. This will ensure that customer welfare is well managed. The logistics of the fitness firm will cater for how our services will be created and how they will reach the consumer. This will allow services from the training expertise will reach the people who are working out. This will involve handling well of customers, providing good training skills and advice and providing security once a customer is within the business premises.

The firm will be involved in information technology. This will be good in the sharing of information. This will assist in knowing the trending training techniques. This will in turn encourage innovation and creation of better ways of training. Partners, suppliers and the contingency plan The business main partners comprise of the people involved in the same business, not our competitors. Our main partners are the multinational companies who are involved in the fitness business. These are firms, which are scattered all over the world.

If the firm joins up with such a partner, it will help in the branding of the business for better performance. The suppliers of the fitness firm are the people who provide the raw materials we need to provide better training. The type of that is offered by the business, the main suppliers are not much dependent on outside supply. This is because as long as we have the training gear, the services will emanate from the human resource. A contingency plan for the business will be based upon the best way to prepare risk management.

The company will put in place a savings mechanism for its employees in case of any injuries, which may occur within the firms premises. The company will also have first aid kits to cater for any injuries acquired by the customers (Jonathan Mitchell, December 2009). The firm will also have fire extinguishers and emergency exits in case of anything occur during training. Operational effectiveness This relates to the ways in which the fitness firm will maximize the use of its resources through the development of new products at a faster rate compared to the competitors.

A firm will tend to control the performance of its employees to improve the services being offered and to make sure that the time the customers are interacting with the trainers is increased. This improves quality of the service that are offered. Payment of extra hours will also be considered. The firm will also be involved in measuring of the processes it is involved in and then be involved in improvement techniques. The value chain The value chain shows the activities that a firm that is operating in a particular industry will perform in order to produce and deliver a valuable product.

The fitness firm will tend to create finances in order to fund the operational plan that it has set to practice. The funds will tend to pay for extra hours being offered and to reward those who are performing well in the company. The human resource will in turn help, in the execution of the planned activities. The information system will then help apply new training techniques in the organization and in the sharing of trending information.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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