Essays on Business Plan Part B Assignment

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Table 2: start-up assets6Table 3: breakdown of assets7Table 4: Map outlining the area of Dubai Academic City14Table 5; general assumptions20Table 6: Break-even analysis22IntroductionThe residents of the UAE drink an equivalent of 3.5kg of coffee annually (Yaqoob, 2009). This is almost twice as much as that drank in other Gulf States according to experts. According to RicRhinehart, executive director of Specialty Coffee Association of America, the coffee boom could be due to the number of multi-national coffee chains that are in operation in the UAE as well as a high disposable income.

There are also large expatriate communities who have imported their western habits into the UAE and are imitated by the locals. This is a factor in my decision to set up coffee carts outside the Heriot-Watt campus to begin with. The carts will be located at the entrances and exits as well as the student quad. Business Framework/ OutlineThis business plan will cover the following areas: Purpose of the planProduct or service and its advantagesMarket opportunityManagement teamTrack record, if anyFinancial projectionsFunding requirements-Purpose of the plan: this outlines the concept behind The Caffeinated Beverage and how we intend to go about the business. -Product or service and its advantages: examines the popularity of coffee in the UAE and how this can be used to advance our business model. -Market opportunity: examines the current market for coffee in the UAE as well as the advantages of operating from campus grounds. -Management team: lists the stakeholders in the Caffeinated Beverage coffee cart business. -Financial projections: gives a broad overview of the finances that will be required to get the business off the ground and how much we are slated to profit from it. -Funding requirements: this is the financial outlay required. BackgroundCoffee is one of the most highly consumed beverages in the United Arab Emirates (Yaqoob, 2009).

Furthermore, it is an important tool for students on campus who study long hours and require an energy boost. The Caffeinated Beverage Coffee Cart is a concept that was incepted to provide 24 hour access for students and other on-campus as well as off-campus consumers to high quality coffee at a reasonable price. The concept is a brainchild of Mr. Alghamdi and has been brewing for a long time.

We recently acquired funding from a private investor that has enabled us to make this dream a reality. Mission StatementTo provide high quality caffeinated beverages to a wide range of consumers based around academic institutions at a reasonable price. Company HistoryThe Caffeinated Beverage has existed on paper for five years and is just now coming to fruition. It is registered as a limited liability enterprise. The Star Café is a speciality beverage dispenser dealing in the coffee kiosk market and catering to the academic communities on various campuses in Dubai and their environs.

The Star Café joins the limited number of coffee carts that supply this beverage in the city and aims to be the go to choice for hot and cold caffeine beverages offered at the customer’s convenience in a manner that is time efficient. The customer is able to walk by on their way to class, or the library or work and order from the Easternman-trained barista their choice of caffeinated drink, from espresso to cappuccino or any other beverage in that line. This is a high quality alternative to fast food joints or institutional coffee.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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