Essays on Business Planning and Technology Assignment

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The paper "Business Planning and Technology" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Business Planning. One can turn ideas into successful businesses by; settling on one idea, validating the idea, executing the idea. One should make sure he/she picks on ideas that cater to a large audience and find a large market whose customers will be willing to buy the products at a profit and move on with it. He/she should come up with a formal plan, raise the capital required, and choose a suitable business structure (Sugars, 2013). Businesses rely on customers as large stakeholders.

One must identify the suitable customers of his/her product or service before structuring a business idea into a business. Businesses cannot succeed without having the required type of customers and in locating a business or setting a business plan, he/she should consider a market audience that is ready to buy his/her products or services at a good profit-making price (Sugars, 2013). An expanding or successful business often faces a lack of capital as the most critical challenge. One can overcome this by having a very diligent cash flow management strategy in place.

One should avoid unnecessary debts since debts tend to constrain a business. One should start with a plan that sees what his/her cash needs are, and when the needs arise. This will put the entrepreneur in a position to manage it and should focus on the techniques that will be most likely successful (Sugars, 2013). Tech, Society, and culture. A scientific theory is usually proven first by conducting a scientific test before declared acceptable. This proves the existence of scientific facts unlike religion, politics, and art relying on beliefs associated with lack of evidence.

Science generally pursues the knowledge of the universe and uses very different methodologies by acknowledging reason, evidence, and empiricism hence differing from religion, art and politics which include faith, revelation, and sacredness (Wielder, 2006). The main theme for the knowledge revolution is the fast-growing of knowledge, socially, technologically, and economically. More new technologies have been adopted, and developments in computer technology have occurred over the past fifty years. Yet, it does not occur that there will be a limit over the next decades to the ongoing of these developments.

The present transition era can be knowledge evolution (Wielder, 2006) The main themes behind the Industrial revolution were the use of machinery to make profits by being able to produce goods at lower prices. The most dramatic inventions during this period were a witness in advancing fields that included agriculture, shipping, and industry. Industries such as; textile manufacturing, glass making, mining, and agriculture had all undergone drastic changes. These changes directed how goods were produced (Wielder, 2006) Inventions in the knowledge revolution are based on transforming the way, and the speed with which work is done.

Its invention covers fields such as communication; computers, writing presses, telephones, information; computers, digital and cyber technologies, the internet as well as transportation; vehicles, aircraft, spaceships. Such technological inventions have created impacts on society by improving co-relationships among people in society (Wielder, 2006).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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