Essays on Business Process Manegement Case Study

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Executive summaryBen’s Omnitrix Pty Ltd is a wrist accessory company that supplies its products to retailers and wholesalers on the local and overseas markets. The company has undergone a poor performance in the recent past, which is partly attributable to its current ineffective business process and strategies. Ben, the company C. E.O has become concerned by the business operations-as he acknowledges there are many problems as a result of the current system, and wishes to adopt effective business process architecture. This report highlights the current problems of the company, proposes the solution to the problem and gives recommendations on possible actions that can be undertaken. OutlineIntroductionDefinition. Why Ben’s Omnitrix Pty Ltd should introduce BPM. Analysis of a problemProposed Remedy/ solutionMeaning of developing business process architectureThe proposed solutionSolution considerationsRecommendationsBusiness Process ManagementBen’s Omnitrix Pty LtdBusiness Process Management (BPM) and strategyBusiness process management (BPM) is a systematic way of improving the organization processes with the aim of making the business flow more effectively, efficiently and adapting it to the ever changing business environment (Ould, 2005).

BPM specifically enhances communication and reduces human error through implementation of more efficient processes (Brocke & Rosemann, 2010).

It ensures that the stakeholders remain focused to meet the needs of their responsibility. By adopting BPM, tremendous efficiency is gained through adoption of technology. For example, no longer does the company needs to put records in a box like the case with Ben’s Omnitrix Pty Ltd -loss of documents and records shall be curtailed (Ryan, 2009). With BPM Omnitrix Pty Ltd can be assured of better follow-up of data about each and every transaction, while retrieval can be made easily and whenever it is required.

Indeed, the data can be analyzed accurately and inbuilt searches allows for the data to be identified easily for referencing purposes. BPM provides business process automation, modeling and optimization and management of methods and criteria (Dennis, 2007). BPM ensures the right combination of technology which shortens business process cycles and reduce costs. Implementation of BPM is known to reduce or even eliminate business errors which can cause significant losses (Deming, 1982). Through execution of real –time visibility into the business, Omnitrix Pty Ltd can create better connection to the suppliers and customer.

This can significantly reduce the order lead time and reduce order error rate by deploying new and efficient supply management platforms that provides unparalleled transparency into the supply chain process of Omnitrix Pty Ltd. Problem analysisAnalysis of the past performance shows that the business has experienced a dramatic fall in revenues and profits. Although the global economic crisis which hit the market during the year 2008 might have been the major cause of the problem, lack of coordinated business processes and poor strategies must have triggered the economic woes as well (Hall & Johnson, 2009).

The fact that the company depended on word of mouth to make sales communicate must have fueled the decline in sales. It is also reported that Ben resulted to manual paper based methods to get things done, instead of developing streamlined computer based procedures. Business of this size cannot depend on manual methods without generating a lot of errors and inconveniencies. (Deming, 1982)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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