Essays on Advantages of Business Process Re-engineering Case Study

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The paper "Advantages of Business Process Re-engineering " is a great example of a management case study.   Business process reengineering is the process of redesigning the strategies of a company, examining the existing designs and processes with the aim of improving the outcome of the plans. The aim of BPR is to improve the performance of an organization in terms of satisfying the customers and also the stakeholders (Eneka et al 2004). Abu Dhabi Municipality of late has improved its performance by effectively applying the business process reengineering. The advantages of BPR include the following; To start with Salah Al Sarraj the town planner responded that business process reengineering has enabled the Abu Dhabi Municipality to cut down on the costs which the municipality has been experiencing (Majed & Mohamed 1999).

The city chairman introduced new designs which helped the company to redesign its strategies for housing, transportation network and also the sewerage system. The functions of the municipality are to provide services to the public and also coordinate various projects of the government in the municipality. The municipality has managed to reduce the costs by eliminating tasks which could not value to their processes or tasks.

This led to a reduction in operational costs which could otherwise lead to losses. Further Salah Al Sarraj responded BPR, on the other hand, helps to improve the performance of an organization. This is because all the processes are redesigned with the aim of improving their effectiveness (Gerald 2002). The services which are provided by the company are of good quality which leads to customer satisfaction. Abu Dhabi Municipality has managed to improve its performance by redesigning its plans.

For instance, the municipality management decided to introduce automation of services instead of using human skills. This improved the delivery of services to the customers as it enhanced the speed hence the municipality was ranked as among the best performing municipalities. In addition, Salah Al Sarraj said business process reengineering also helps an organization to find new business dimensions. Through business process redesigning, the employees become creative and innovating and in the process, they find new opportunities with the company can raise extra revenue (Siew & Boon 2008). The municipality of Abu Dhabi is among the examples of municipalities which have greatly benefited from BPR.

The employees of the municipality are encouraged to be creative by applying various tools which can promote BPR and in the process; they have invented alternative ways of raising capital for the municipality. The municipality introduced projects like power generation which will help to supplement the revenue collected by the municipality (Fereshteh & Mehdi 2012). Finally, Salah Al Sarraj concluded that BPR further helps to improve the quality of services offered to the public. The municipality of Abu Dhabi introduced alternative ways of treating the sewerage wastes.

The municipality introduced automated treatment in their plants which led to efficiency in the treatment sector (Thomas & Joseph 1998). The municipality also redesigned the infrastructure in the city by constructing superhighways and bypasses and this led to improved service delivery to the public. Disadvantages of BPR According to Salah Al Sarraj business process reengineering, on the other hand, has the drawbacks which make it a complicated system to introduce in an organization. To start with, BPR can be very costly to an organization.

This is because huge financial resources are required to introduce the resources (Suvojit 2000). For instance, the municipality of Abu Dhabi has to allocate additional financial resources to hire new skills and equipment in order to implement the system. This can be costly to the municipality because other services will be affected as a huge sum of money is directed towards introducing the BPR system.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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