Essays on Galfars Pontoon Construction Project Case Study

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The paper 'Galfar’ s Pontoon Construction Project" is a perfect example of a management case study.   This Pontoon Construction Project has exceptional features making it look dissimilar from the way in which Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG (Galfar) manages its projects. Galfar represents Oman’ s leading construction company in bridges, roads, civil and utilities construction. The company has its operations not only in Oman but also in other GCC countries and India. ver the last 40 years; the company has gained fame because of its unique structures. It owns a 7,000 equipment fleet and employs over 23,000 individuals becoming one of the principal employers in Oman’ s private sector (Galfar 2016).

The company has excelled in construction producing quality structures and equipment. It also practices high safety standards, social responsibility, and employee satisfaction. This proposal describes Galfar’ s Pontoon Construction Project. It will discuss the general roles and responsibilities of the project team, develop plans for the project, and how they will be implemented. This proposal will also include flow diagrams, processes, time management plan, and critical path diagram for the project, project’ s life cycle, cost plan, work business schedule, and the communication process (Kerzner, 2013). Project Overview The Galfar Pontoon Construction Project was started to construct pontoons that will be stored for catastrophic failure response.

To accomplish this project, a construction facility will be constructed first in order to house simultaneous construction of multiple equipments. After the construction of pontoons, the building facility will be maintained but will be required to adhere to environmental regulations applicable to such sites and facilities. The facility will be used in future for the construction of pontoons. Team Values One of the leading values includes team commitment that will allow nothing short of success.

Each team member is required to embrace new ideas, work well with other team members and partners, meeting obstacles and challenges with zeal, and assume the role of positive advocates for this project. Through these values, the team will provide leadership that is needed to deliver unique equipment (Kerzner, 2013). Success Measures Environmental Compliance: One of the most important considerations that any team can make is to complete a project without violating environmental regulations. Therefore, this project will ensure there are no identifiable or lost time injuries.

Identifiable injuries will be maintained at a level which is lower than the industry average. Budget: risks will be managed to ensure that cost is maintained within budget Schedule: The project will seek to meet or beat the set project milestones. Quality: The team will conform to the requirements of the project without adverse effects on budget and milestones. Public perception: Effective communication will provide strong community support. Communication Plan Communication is one of the most important factors in a project and the success of a project is dependent on it.

The current project is aimed at adding quality to Galfar in terms of increase in revenues. Each team member and participant in the current project will desire to know about the status of the project and how they might be affected by it. The more that these participants and team members are informed about the project, the more they will be motivated to give their full participation. Therefore, communication with these individuals will be very crucial for this project.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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