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The paper "X-SIM Software for RnR Simulator" is an outstanding example of a business research proposal.   X-SIM software was written to reanimate the RnR simulator. It is a masterpiece of software to control many different pneumatic and hydraulic simulator concepts in the current version. This particular software uses in-game Force-Feedback effects and XYZ values to control simulators while moving through the game. X-SIM software for RnR, custom two-axis, tripod or hexapod simulator, can be accessed for more fun and pleasure. The X-SIM software is free for all sorts of commercial and private use. The setup type depends on the capacity and the type processor that the player uses.

Both single-core processor and dual- or multi-core processor are equally accessible for this programme. Unlike the two PC format in single-core processor; the dual- or multi-core processor the installation of x-sim programme parts on a single PC is possible. The use of a graphics card with dual output, in order to see the Force-Profiler screen, on a second monitor, during the Simulator calibration is suggested. 2. Executive Summary This new chair is just like any other normal racing chair.

Something that differentiates it from others is its functionality. The chair has been designed with the features to simulate the player in accordance with the game he is on. The player will be able to use steering wheel giving the chair the movement to make the player feel that he is really driving, or using a controller to play the plane game will simulate the motion. It is a system of all game console (PC, XBOX 360, XBOX, PS, PS2, PS3) accessories. It is such a device that the player just needs to buy a game and install the chair along with it for a real roller coaster ride.

The player can enjoy directx effects with Yoda and can play it in the simulator without any software/driver updates. This gaming chair is such a simulator that it can even move following a video with this video-plugin In the process of making a gaming chair the company is facing some critical technological problems related to the added facilities. It is here that the company proposes to have the cooperation of the Logitech Company in order to perform better software skills. We are in need of assistance for the engine which lies inside the main CPU chip.

The need is for some additional (vector-) math instructions used for the 3D graphics and more movement effects. The basic feature that we need from Logitech is its cooperation in generating our gaming chair with the operating performance of 66 MIPS, 360,000 flat-shaded polygons per second and above all 180,000 texture mapped and light-sourced polygons per second. The benefit that Logitech will have by providing cooperation is in regards to its marketing sector.

As this is an Australian company, it can open doors for Logitech in the country with far better facilities and conveniences. Logitech has to look over the making of an absolutely new design for this amazing gaming chair. The chair is facing a big limitation regarding the operational section. It is now limited only to work with pc. The technology needs to be used in the mannerism of Logitech technology to create a more adept box for the purpose of changing the signal to support all game consoles (PS3 XBOX) plug and play.

Here is the vital need for a new attachment. It is the addition of using Logitech mechanism over the steering wheel or the controller.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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