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The paper 'Clark and Family Inc - Establishment of a Luxury Day Spa in Camden Beach" is a perfect example of a business plan.   This is a business proposal by Clark and Family on the establishment of a luxury day spa in Camden Beach. We are a family involved in the hospitality industry. We offer freelance hospitality services such as massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, body treatments, waxing, reflexologies and likes. Our target audience is a high-end Camden Beach residents and any other interested parties. We operate on a call where we visit the customers’ home and offer them our services in the comfort of their residence.

We have been receiving more calls than we have enough staff for and, therefore, the future of our business and customer base is exponentially expanding. In the beginning, we used to get three or four clients a week, but at the moment we are receiving up to twenty calls a day from clients interested in our services. Our company is very adequately scalable, as we intend to grow our business, but maintain the quality of our services.

This will involve training our personnel on our quality requirements. We intend to open several branches in high-end neighbourhoods in the future and possibly at one time, expand even internationally. The company. The family has been in the hospitality business for six years now but has been on a freelance basis with an office located at Camden Beach. Our employees operate on call. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, have great knowledge in this business. Mr. Clarke had a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard University. Mrs.

Clarke has a degree in Hospitality from the University of Yale. Together we have run a successful business for the past six years and have managed to rise it from nothing to a company with a yearly turnover of $120,000. We felt that investing in a spa would ease the workload and commuter hustle and also increase the number of clients due to a central location for the required services. We are starting the spa now since we both feel we should be self-employed and also due to the strained schedule of meeting our customers’ demands.

I am retiring from my day job to focus on this venture and we are determined to turn this investment into a multimillion-dollar business in the next five years. We are hereby requesting $100,000 to assist in establishing this business. We intend to combine this with our savings of an equal amount and invest it in the construction and establishment of the business, which on calculations resulted in roughly $200,000. This money will help bring up an establishment which will assist us in increasing the number of our customers as well as providing this rare service to the residents of Camden Beach.

We expect to double our turnover in the next year and repeat this feat in the coming five years. In this way, we will be able to repay the funds in at most three years with an interest of at least 8% compounded annually. We hope that our request is granted (Quoteroller (2014).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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