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The following paper under the title 'The Mission of the Eagle Computer Company' is a wonderful example of a business report. Eagle Computers is among the top well-matched computer shops to its users. The Eagle Computers shops are situated in the middle of Kailua-Kona, found around the Big Island of Hawaii. The company's strategic situation is the main quality, which makes it accessible to the prevalent deliberation of the confined community and the tourism resource of that island. The company shall be offering a wide variety of the most modern advanced computer hardware, services rentals, commissioned computer coordination, and networking services.

We are enthusiastic in providing time and again meet client's satisfaction by interpreting outstanding service, haulage items that are not with the vicinity, and to furnish a warm, pleasing atmosphere at a cutthroat price. We have targeted specifically to the Upper and Lower Kona areas in Hawaii County. Currently, the competition is very low because there is one computer stock up in these areas. The store available fundamentally deals with computer services but not hardware stocking. This factor has led to the community necessity for supplementary and comprehensive reserve for computer sales and service, therefore, drove the company's objective of our new product in this area.

With 13 years and above of know-how entailing computer business, information of the company, and vend, Jim and Judy Johnson attained his basic proficiency compulsory to formulate this business enterprise tremendously flourishing and profitable. This computer business has great objectives; therefore want to sign a start-up loan and will be refunded by the end of 10 year period, from the cash flow of the new business.

The loan is supposed to purchase inventory, to boost the working capital, and help out in start-up costs. The company has several objectives: To produce a company that has basic goals based on servicing the company to exceed the expectations of the customer. The company aimed at increasing the sales to above a quarter-million dollars at the close of the second year and amplify self-effacingly by the third year. In order to boost the numeral of customers who are served to about 20% per annum, superior performance should be enhanced. Approximate of 90% customer returns should be achieved at the close of year one. The mission of the Eagle Computer Company is to offer the brand-new quality computer products and network solutions that are dependable and proficient technical reinforcement to the West Hawaii Community.

Also consummate the service to the customer via the submission of the main beliefs of kina'ole and sincere aloha, aimed to produce a reasonable income for the employee-owners and inventors by the implementation of upright, normal, and moral production practices. Our overall transaction policy for Eagle Computers is detailed by selling the products to the West Hawaii community, following the urge and needs of the people there since the company's best supply, which is the computer wants, pleasing to the eye of the people who live there. We shall sell out the Eagle Computers according to each worker's expertise, politeness, and enthusiasm; therefore gain a trusting feeling on every customer, and creating a constancy and income appointments.

The company makes sure that any vacation made to Eagle Computers should be specialized and satisfying familiarity; therefore, customers mostly rely on the product of overhaul at what time they arrive. The Computer Sales range 5% per month all the way from hardware components, whereby the costs of the hardware sales are 70% of the overall sales prices.

The costs for the comprehensive computer hardware are predictable to be increasing by 2% every year. Computer Service generates genuine income from work charges, apart from the payroll. We approximate a 10% increase in the revenue per annum in the area, specifically from the loyal resident of Hawaii County. Computer Rental Stations is expected to generate a revenue of 3% annually from renting computers to the customers.

The return shows the projected increment and, in return, improves tourism in Kona. This income is all turnovers in view of the fact that it necessitates veto expenditure for the stock, and it is principally self-service, subsequently needs no work time. Your involvement in the projectThe company needs better-quality Customer Service in order to supply steadfast, high-quality service and items for consumption, and a measure spin moment in time on refurbishes. The environment provides a sparkling, responsive, and contented atmosphere favorable to philanthropic qualified credulous service. The company is conveniently offering clients an extensive assortment of computer products and services in the solitary setting; together with the specially made computers, diagnosis and revamp networking, and within computer stores setting stations for customers to purchase moment to leaf through the Internet, confirm e-mail, and digital downloading of snapshots in the camera memory cards and transfer them to discs. The location of the company provides an effortlessly available location for the client's convenience.

The credibility and integrity show the good reputation of the company and 100% commitment from practice experience of above 13 years in the computer industry.

Benefits of the product and service. Mostly the people from Big Island of Hawaii currently make use of computers during the time work or homesteads. It is imperative that citizens have an excellent supply for purchasing and servicing the computers; hence Eagle Computers supplies the West Hawaii community with quality resources from a one-stop-shop for IBM-compatible computers. Eagle Computers will tender the subsequent artifacts and their repair with an outstanding consumer tune-up in a pleasant, expertise, and pleasing environment. With such motives, the company is ready to Sell Computers new and second-hand computers and their various systems with price ranges that are affordable.

Moreover, the company will sell Custom-Built Computers, which are designed custom ally in accordance with the taste of the customer. The company offers repair services by doing service computer analysis and maintenance with prominence on eminence work in a measure gyrate time. This upgrades the quality of the company and definitely offers the customer the latest advancement to upgrade the computers which are already owned by the customer.

Networking services provided by the company address the whole problem of networking and giving solutions both at homes and offices, as well as wireless networking. The Eagle Computer Company will have rental Stations installed where the clients will be browsing the Internet, access e-mails, and also downloading the photos which are digitalized from the camera memory cards. The stations renting will be efficient to both the tourist and native communities. Anything additional that you would like to include in your businessproposal. Our marketing strategy is to satisfy customers who are our most excellent promotion tool.

The only moment when clients visit Eagle Computers will ultimately realize they have discovered a one-stop shop with every computer service of their taste in computers. The friendliness to people with outstanding service to customers is the target of the company. The company has communicated to several friends and the correlates and is agitated by the plans and consequently is ambitious to superstore and service with us. Word of mouth and a high-quality character is mostly excellent advertising strategies within the supportive community. In addition, the company will create a website, manufacture radio and a broadsheet for marketing, hand out flyers to confined business, and publicize in the Yellow Pages.

The use of these areas will aid the company to become well known as the establishment of the business goes on. Eagle Computers is established fundamentally as a Hawaii Limited Liability Company (LLC) situated in Hawaii County, and confidentially owned by Jim Johnson and his wife, Judy Johnson. Jim is endowed with 13 years of practice in the Eagle computer business. Jim owned the Eagle Computers Company in Phoenix, Arizona, in anticipation of moving out of Arizona to inhabit Hawaii.

Jim is a computer expert with several years of administration and vends knowledge. Jim's wife, Judy Johnson, is having five years of experience as he worked with the information technology industry. She was mainly in recent times working by Wilmer Communications, which is an all over the country provider of DSL service (high-speed Internet access). Judy, too has administration experience and widespread retail familiarity.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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