Essays on A Challenge on Spending the Fund in Relation to the American Household Expenditures Term Paper

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The paper "A Challenge on Spending the Fund in Relation to the American Household Expenditures" is an excellent example of a term paper on business.   I choose the third option since it is the best to go with also one is in charge of my own money and, therefore, I can be easy to budget for it. It is because of personal finance that is as a result of saving from the wages that will assist in the future insured development. I will be earning an amount of sixty thousand per year.

This amount if well managed will help me to face the future American household expenditure. As compared to the current American household expenditure, I will be able to examine the problem that is at hand and have some solutions to overcome them.   The most appropriate has been the third option since with my own money, I can be able to know the expenditures and also be able to plan and save for a good insured future compared to the American household income, which 29 percentages that is equivalent to a median of 50,502 and the mean of 69,821 (Lewis and Sarah, 67).

With  the  income of sixty thousand per year and also, some savings from a part-time business, savings of more than the average income of the household in America will ensure that I use my money for my expenses without so much difficulty. I will be able to balance my expenditures and come up with a balanced sum of the expenses and the savings at large. The wages that my earning about 60,000 dollars I  will be earning plus the savings and part-time job earnings will contribute to the savings for an insured future, it will help one to avoid future embarrassments as a result of higher inflation in America. The methods or the assumptions show how this problem of the high price of the American household commodities such as food, electricity, water and other household needs.

In trying to remedy the high price, which is extremely a pinch of those who earn very little or just the average earners, one can cut short the expenditures of the expenses in the house.

For instance, the use of a machine in the house generates a lot of electricity and thus, increasing the electricity bill. It can be reduced by implying less use of machines and improvise  their own hands.   Also, in the household stuff such as food, fruits, one can purchase when they are in low cost and store in the freezers to avoid the rush  that  could lead to frustrations in the future. According to the American survey, the issue of the household increase has not really affected only those who earn meager wages, but also the rich to some point (Lewis and Kristen, 321). Recommendations to the findings The average American household budget can be solved out in some ways; when one is budgeting for the expenditure under the average earning or the wages, one is recommended to stick to the budget and consider the most important variables that one needs in the house.

Also, another recommendation is that the American household expenditure could be lower and the government to regulate the prices of the household commodities for future reasons (Beeton, 22). Conclusion Compared to  the  savings and the 60,000 per year earnings, there is a challenge in spending the fund in relation to the American household expenditures.

Since the household expenditure has increased it will take an extra step to manage the finance at hand in  the savings account. The research on the American household has enabled me to be able to categorically plan on how to use my earnings funds (Taylor and Hendrik, 126). According to the savings one can now not be able to strictly stick to the budget since the commodities and facilities have gone to a level whereby one needs to dig inside the pocket to cater to all the needs.

I will be forced to work more and spend less. However, unemployment has declined in America but has not been able to balance the household expenditures commodities. It is affecting those who earn just average salaries or just meager wages; it becomes hard to go in the peace of the household commodities and facilities. The American household, when used together with the savings, will assist in decreasing the rate of spending and also be able to budget the spending to avoid future problems (Abrams and Rhoda, 56).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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