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The paper "Publishers Offering Highest Discount" is a worthy example of an assignment on business. The analysis is based on Publishers offering the highest discount for similar quantities compared to others. The top five publishing companies to open an account with include Marvel Comics, Rosen Publishing Group, Bloomsbury USA Publishers, MPS, and Ten Speed Press.   Marvel Comics Marvel Comics offers a discount of 52 percent for 200 units at a price of 24.99. The shipping is free. A discount of 52 percent is reasonable and cost-effective to ensure high-profit levels.

The wholesale price is equally low at 12 on November 15, 2009. The business will save on transportation costs when trading with Marvel Comics. Because the entries are only two, it is cost-effective because it cuts on the cost of creating a credit account for Marvel Comics. The assumption is that Marvel Comics will increase the discount level with an increase in units. It offered a discount of 30 percent for 288 units on November 17, 2009. The company saves on shipping cost the order because of high units. At a similar cost of 9.

95, the company will spend more on shipping and get a little discount compared to that offered by Marvel Comics. Rosen Publishing Group Rosen publishing offered a discount of 40 percent for one amount is feasible for the company on February 19, 2010. Opening a credit account for a single supply takes a short time and saves on labor and administrative costs. The order takes a short time to acquire. The assumption is that there is no shipping cost incurred when ordering from the Rosen publishing group.

A key recommendation is that, if the company increases the quantity ordered, there is the likelihood of a high discount offered. An additional issue is that there should be a prompt payment to win the publisher’ s trust. Bloomsbury USA Publishers Bloomsbury USA publishers offer a discount of 38 percent. Its wholesale price after the discount is low. It offers a price of 3.96 prices for wholesale discounts for each quantity purchased. It is notable that the wholesale price remains constant, which is cost-effective. When the wholesale price remains constant, at the same discount of 38 percent remains constant, it is cost-effective for large quantity orders.

The assumption is that there are fewer costs incurred for large quantity orders. It is commended that there is an increase in the quantity ordered from the publisher to save on costs based on high discount levels. MPS The company offers a 38 percent discount for a quantity of 7 on September 5, 2009. On September 25, 2009, the publisher offered a 38 percent discount for a quantity of 2 units. The discount remains constant despite the amount purchased.

In an attempt to cut on the cost, it is prudent to order a large quantity from the publisher. The assumption is that there will be low cost for high quantity orders that reduces the costs. Ten Speed Press The company offered a 37 percent discount for a quantity of 7 at 5.03 wholesale price on October 16, 2009. Ten Speed Press offers the best discount for police SG07. While Ten Speed Press offers a discount of 37 percent for police SG07, Doubleday Religious Publishing group offered SG07 at a 28 percent discount on October 16, 2009.

The company, therefore, should consider ordering from Ten Speed Press because of the substantial discount. The assumption is that the publisher’ s high discount saves on costs.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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