Essays on NutriSystem Company Performance Case Study

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The paper "NutriSystem Company Performance " is a perfect example of a business case study. NutriSystem Inc is a company that deals with services and products related to weight management. This company has a program that provides free counseling of its clients online. This paper is dealing with the past history of NutriSystem in terms of the products it used to deal with. There is a further elaboration of the founders of the company and its past money issues. This paper also clearly looks at the current performance of the company in terms of finances and the stakeholders that are running it.

(Maundy, 2001) Background Founder Research shows that NutriSystem Company emanates from the efforts of one man called Harold Katz. He was an entrepreneur who had only studied up to high school. By the year nineteen seventy, he was thirty-four years old and was changing from one job to another without success. (Michel, 2008) He was however very hardworking and determined to be a success story. After working for his father in their grocery shop, he later started an insurance business but this too did not last long.

A business idea came to his mind after he watched his mother gain and lose weight for a period of time. In his business concept, he would incorporate counseling for clients on weight loss issues. (Michel, 2008) This would be both medical and behavioral-based. He thought to put all these ideas under one roof where clients would get advice on taking food with low calories would be a brilliant idea. This business idea later materialized and Katz opened a center in Philadelphia, Willow Grove. This was in the year nineteen seventy-one.

The center gave clients services on weight loss. The company only had six employees to start with. Money As illustrated earlier on, NutriSystem Company was started by Katz Harold. He used his savings to begin the business. His savings were approximately twenty thousand dollars. Research shows that he later took a mortgage on his personal house. This also was part of the capital which was approximately twenty thousand dollars. Every center of NutriSystem got income from a fee that was charged on clients after being given the services. The charges were not fixed but depended on the extent of the loss of weight on the client.

Apart from this income the centers also got money from the sale of food that was privately labeled. (Michel, 2008)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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