Essays on Employee Orientation and Recruitment at XYZ Air Lines Assignment

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The paper "Employee Orientation and Recruitment at XYZ Air Lines " is a great example of a business assignment. Employee induction/ orientation and training form very critical aspects of employee management more so in the modern era of information technology. To evaluate this, the report focuses on the fundamental issues regarding employee induction at XYZ Airlines. The current training is outlined as well as the existing problems and the existing shortcomings that require change. The paper generally introduces the topic and gives an analogy and significance of employee induction.

Managerially, proper employee induction and training serves as a very critical step in the recruitment process as the new recruits get to know and grasp all the work procedures and pertinent organizational behaviors. The 5week orientation program for the XYZ Airline outlines the specific areas that should be touched on including The overall organization function, Employee duties and roles, Organizational policies, values and rules, Organization culture and Employee benefits. The training is also expected to cover the emerging issues in the aviation industry like Crew Resource Management and Aviation Human Factors. Introduction In an organization, all the employees have to perform at their optimal best for the organization to achieve success and increase profits.

Organizations can achieve both if efficient employees are recruited. The apt and equipped employees can be recruited by having a well-organized recruitment process and staffing process. But, that is not the end, it is only a start, as employee orientation/ induction and training, as well as performance appraisal, needs to be undertaken regularly to retain as well as motivate the recruited employees performance appraisal in all organizations. Induction is the technique by which a new employee is rehabilitated into the changed surroundings and introduced to the practices, policies, purposes and importantly culture of the organization.

“ … culture could enhance the level of organizational commitment and thereby ensure organizational success” (Rashid et al 2003, 708).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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