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Executive SummaryDecision makers in organizations are supposed to come up with better solution to already existing or foreseen issues within the management, administration, and operation procedures for a positive impact on the organizational processes. It is highly expected that capable and better defined information systems do support the activities of the decision makers, and looking at the current competitive market, it is clearly brought out that most of the databases and other web-based resources, which are normally accessed through effectual communications processes, enhances the storage of information for reference.

Decision makers normally applies intuition or various tools for prediction for the purpose of projecting the future of an enterprise, and such applied tools are initialized with variety of information that is attained from an implemented information system within the same organization (Curtis, & Cobham, 2008). To understand the impact of information systems on tactical and strategic decision making in organizations, Ochre Health Organization has been selected for this study. This is an organization that normally provides medical service management to local communities around Sydney, Australia. The organization is currently situated in 12 local and geographically secluded regions of Australia, and it is committed to delivering high quality and sustainable healthcare services by adopting an effective and consistent partnership with the existing local authorities and other medical practitioners.

The decision makers in this organization believe that an effective information system integrates in the process of forecasting the future, and probably offer support to the comparative evaluation of the impact that can be caused by the alternate decisions to be made. Therefore, through the assessment of the organization’s information systems, the complexity of a given information system managing the past indicates a better streamlined future which is supposed to be modularized with effective and working interfaces. 1.0 IntroductionThe management of Ochre Health Organization depends on the functions of the identified information systems for decision making.

The marketing department of the organization has been found to consist a handful data of which cannot be processed accurately by manual means. Therefore, the integrated information systems within the department have been found to be of significance as the processing of data is supposed to be accurate and be achieved within the short period of time possible because of the heavy competition in the considered modern world.

This paper reports on the possible applications of information systems for tactical and strategic decision making at the marketing department of Ochre Health Organization. The main focus of the paper is to identify various kinds of business decisions that are made within the marketing department of the organization and the relevant information system requirements for each process. The paper will also highlight on major areas within the organization that requires improvements in terms of information system application, with a clear projection of the future changes to be implemented in the organizational processes.

All of these aspects will be dealt with in relation to the effectiveness of the decision making process within the highlighted organizational department. 2.0 FindingsFrom a research that was carried out on Ochre Health Organization, it was shown that information systems found to be supporting department heads when it came to decision making process they cannot simply be developed unless the individuals in charge comprehensively get acquainted with the system standards and its operations.

The information systems within the marketing have elaborated on the overall approach of the classical model, which has clearly identified the existing functions of what the management team in the organization normally involves themselves. These functions are (Kumar, nd):

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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