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Executive Summary In every project undertaken by an organization, a strategy has to be laid down before it kicks off. The main objective of this report is to analyze a sports competition project which will be held in the university. It gives details on how the project is carried out including the activities, which should be undertaken in order to ensure that the project is complete. Other factors, which will be analyzed in this report is the feasibility study of the competition project, the sources of funds, which will be used to run this project to completion, the expected start and finish dates among others.

Several planning tools will be used in this project to ensure that the scheduled time and budget are met to avoid inconveniences. These project management tools include Gantt chart, Critical path Analysis, and Work breakdown Structure. In order to achieve the objectives of the competition project, it was crucial to put into account the time needed to complete the project. Since some sports activities take more time compared to others, it is important to note that some may not work concurrent with others.

This may be an issue especially when there are participants who participate in more than one sport activity. It is therefore, important to ensure that the maximum possible time is allocated to this competition in order to avoid clash of activities and less time for resting. Other than the available time, the other aspects, which were considered, included the funds at hand and the efficiency of the project. It was important to bear in mind the amount of funds available for the project so as to avoid over estimation of the budget.

From the objectives of the project, it can be concluded that the project is viable and with the right project managers who will oversee it, the project is expected to come into close up within the set time and budget. Purpose/objectives of the reportThe purpose of the report is to analyse a sports competition project, how the whole project will be funded and the overall feasibility of the project. In analysing the sports competition project, several objectives were considered. The project has exemplified how the sporting activity will be of benefit to the participants and the society at large.

The first objective struck on why the project has to be done. Many people including the planners of the project are eager to know what the sporting activity will bring to them and their lives in general. Several benefits are to be realized by the proposed project. First and foremost, economic status of many individual will be improved as the sporting activity poses a business opportunity. Professionalism and cultural amenities and ideals will be transferred from one individual to another.

Moreover, the project will elicit some sense of annual competition among the participants. Thus, this report has clearly exemplified every procedure to be executed by the project including the funding mechanisms and structural strategies (Chappell 85-92). How well the objectives achieved

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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