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Purpose of the reportWhat strategies were used by the managers and the stakeholders of the Sea Sweet coffee shop in order to change the café to become the best choice for most of the clients Goals and Objectives of the reportThe main aim of carrying out this study is to be able to present a full report to the executive manager and other leaders of the company that will help them to understand how: the total sales that were realized at the end of the first year after the shop was startedthe net profit that the business had set by the end of the second yearFind out what operational strategies were applied by the manager in order to cultivate the monthly sales of the businessLiterature reviewThe Sea Sweet coffee shop was located in Parramatta and it was known for its excellent services that kept the customers feeling most welcome in the café or even the restaurant.

The cafe’s concept is built upon the success stories that were told by clients who had dinned or attended the coffee house venues (Joanna 1997). The coffee shop was famous for its affordable yet very good quality of food.

The coffee based products and the entertainment facilities were made accessible to the clients who came visiting the café for the first time and to the residents around. The Sea Sweet had already established itself to be a destination of choice for most of the clients and other tourists. The Sea Sweet café also had an extension of a restaurant that had lounging facilities. The organization aimed at offering completely high quality experiences for those who were searching for comfort and great entertainment at the same time (Douglas 2008).

The clients had the privileged to taste the very sweet delicacies from the recipes all over the world as they enjoyed coffee, desserts and they were spoilt of choice about what entertainment suited those most. The managers of the coffee shop have their client’s interests in their hearts. They aimed at providing the most sophisticated but very casual dining joints as well as entertainment venues. The customers always enjoyed their visits and kept coming back on many occasions and this was to this added to the sales of the business and hence its growth. The other significant thing that the managers focused on was to provide a great variety of dishes that were not otherwise found in the neighboring cafes and restaurant.

This was a competitive strategy that the managers used in order to attract more customers to their business. This in the long run ended up creating large net profits that made the company grow. MethodologyWhen preparing to collect the data it was important that the group members were in agreement about the topic of research and the site where they would visit to carry out the research (Brian 1998).

In this case, the students who were studying business management in Cambridge University agreed to have Sea Sweet as their target business under study. The other step involved the members of the group to thoroughly prepare for the trip. The first procedure was to organize for a pre-visit to the site and acquires permission from the relevant authorities concerning the visit. The people in charge should give the correct time and date when the group would be visiting the Business for any prior arrangements that would need to be done. The members of the group should be able to make suggestions concerning any other sources of references in case one plan failed to work.

This would serve to make the whole process of the research even more manageable. The other step would be for the members of the group, gathering all the available resources that they would need to use in the research. The main aim would be to avoid waiting a lot of time when looking for a resource especially during the processes itself as this can bring about loss of data or even failure to tackle the areas of interest. Once the group members arrive in the site, they would divide themselves into specific divisions and then handle the set areas of study.

Some of the topics they would cover would be management of the business, services offered by the shop, the ratings for every service available, marketing strategies and also the quality of their services and goods and many others depending on what they would have agreed on. The students would mainly use interviews and questionnaires to gather the information.

They would then record their findings in their notebooks for reference. Once they were back in their stations, they would hold a representation so that all the groups would be able to compare what other groups collected. This information would then be represented, graphically, using tables and charts for analyzing (Joanna 1997). This would enable the learners to draw conclusions concerning the data they have collected.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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