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BUSINESS REPORT ON LONDON'S ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVESIntroduction The Greater London Authority is one of the administrative bodies in London. It is vested with the powers and obligation of ensuring that development projects are established. They focused on developing the city in following aspects. Firstly, they are focusing on improving the environment, secondly, there are also focusing on social development and finally, the creation of wealth through developing the economy. These powers cover a large area including factors such as fire and emergency planning, policing of the metropolis and economic development.

The Mayor commands Greater London Authority. The Mayor has various responsibilities, which comprise; designing the policies to be implemented and monitoring the implementation process. In addition, he proposes the funds to be used in all the process that is designing the policies, implementation and monitoring of the implementation process. The Mayor had other responsibilities such as selecting and delegating strategic executives to functional bodies. These bodies will facilitate the implementation of policies within the city. The main function of the Mayor is to manage and run the city of London. However, he is responsible in creating visions, provision of funding, setting of improvement strategies and harnessing the resources to ensure that the city of London meets the standards of first class cities in the world. A brief review of the powers and responsibilities of Greater London Authority (GLA)The Greater London Authority has a wide variety of responsibilities though, in some areas, they do not offer services directly.

They use functional bodies to provide front-line services. Some of the functional services available include Metropolitan Police and Transport for London. They are also responsible for the general social welfare in London.

Some of the projects they work on include the boosting of wealth creation within the city, working closely with the security department and planning of the building of the skyscrapers. On some complex issues, they combine efforts with local government. Some of these issues include. Collection of waste in town: The policies of the Major concerning disposing and management of are the key direction to be followed. The Mayor must comment on building projects in London. However, the planning decision made locally without consulting the Mayor.

There are other bodies in London such as London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. There are main responsibilities are to deal with the emergencies in the capital city of London. The Mayor is accountable for the action of these two bodies. Furthermore, the mayor has the responsibility of appointing 17 members of the Authority while the London assembly has the obligation of nominating the 8 members. London boroughs appoint seven members. Analysis of the policies in both academic and new sourcesLondon is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of production and competitive economies.

It is among the best at doing things in unique ways. They are creative; use unique style, innovation, dynamism, entrepreneurship, as well as, diversity. They are the leading in improving the environment both locally and internationally. London has been in a position to improve their environment through reducing pollution, developing a low carbon economy, and effectively dealing with the climate change. Furthermore, London has managed to consume low amounts of resource.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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