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The paper 'Why Is the McFlurry Machine Down Again at McDonald’ s" is a good example of a management case study. McDonald’ s food is famous for its superb ice-cream, milkshake, and McFlurry. However, the business has not been going on as usual. There have been breakdowns of the supply of the ice cream, milkshake, and McFlurry which has caused an uproar among the customers. Customers in the US and abroad have taken to social media platforms to express their laments for the failed service delivery a McDonald’ s. The customers are running theories to try and explain this scenario.

Some think it's sabotaged by the customers who don’ t want to be serving the ice-cream or cleaning the machines. The customers have been loyal and have kept coming for their product only to receive a disappointment. The machines used in the production of requiring undergoing a closed process of automated cleanup procedure requiring four hours of sanitization that cannot be interrupted. Any orders received during this cleaning process are delayed or not fulfilled. This paper will analyze the operations at McDonald’ s and the breakdown of the machines which has taken the spot at the most common customer complaint. Core Competencies at McDonald’ s The competitive nature of the business environment today has been crucial for businesses in their bid to cement favorable financial and market positions.

Core competency has been noted as one of the ways in which businesses acquire a competitive advantage. Core competencies describe the ability of organizations to operate efficiently within a business environment in a manner that allows it to deal with challenges. The core competency offers the company a sustainable competitive advantage (Agha, Alrubaiee, & Jamhour, 2012, p.

2). One of the core competencies at the McDonald’ s is market share. This has been associated with the expansion plan that has seen MacDonald’ s increase their number of store in the US and globally. The company has managed to create a strong brand for its customers and make sure that the customers will get a McDonald’ s joint right next to where they live. The company growth and expansion plan include the use of franchises.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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