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The paper "Business Requirement Specification" is a perfect example of a business assignment. In relation to organization guidelines, several documents were found from the Department of Commerce in NSW, and the Government Information Office. Many of those documents found give various details for costs, timings, scopes and responsibilities. A large percentage of them allude to supplements, which permit points of interest to be changed in upheld gear and programming without the genuine record waiting to be modified. Task 6: Stakeholders analysis Name Stakeholder’ s type Peter Smith Supplier Keith Dickson Staff Mrs. Mary O’ Halloran Client Brian Huang Staff David Andrews Supplier Pauline Santoro Staff Task 8: Context diagram Task 19: Library DVD burner After getting a lot of information from a different source about the DVD burner, they can help you make some informed decisions.

It’ s advisable to be familiar with available current and features and capabilities before making an informed decision. The gotten information is crucial in the following aspects The way desktops computers are To know the software trends and directions Having information on the DVD burner corresponding to the above aspects, I would be in a good position to advise the municipal library accordingly. (Hardware evaluation sheet missing) Task 20: Report of recommendation Recommendation Report Executive summary One of the best-found DVD burners is Highways Computer Systems.

After evaluation, it was found to suit the library’ s backup needs both future and current. Cover Page DVD Burner Report for Municipal Libray Performing backups. Background The size of information stored in municipal computer systems has increased over time. The current 250 MB Zip disk back-up method is taking around 3 hours of staff time every single week. Vendors’ responses Attached are the Vendors’ details. For a long Giant, Computer has been on the market and no one can beat it. We offer a 40GB memory for digital tape Evaluation It’ s advisable to have a backup of data on one single tape.

Currently, the size of the backup data is around 1.5 GB. When doing a backup, it is advisable to minimize time wastage. Usually, it is done during working hours for most organizations. Gathered details Many of the evaluated products met the minimal backup requirements. A tape drive, for example, requires a lot of maintenance besides being expensive compared to others. For single-layer DVD writers, it was less expensive in comparison to dual-layer ones. Both can use similar media less than around 4 GBs Attachments Any product brochures or hardware evaluation sheets from the vendors are attached. Task 21 — Work breakdown structure Objectives for LAN project   1.1 Get the Requirements   1.2 Network configuration design   1.3 implementation Tasks derived from objectives   1.1 Get the Requirements     1.1.1 Network Specification     1.1.2 Hardware Specifications     1.1.3 Get hardware and software   1.2 Network configuration design     1.2.1 Get the exact number of workstations and their locations     1.2.2 Get to know the location of the server to be used     1.2.3 The type of network O/S that will be used     1.2.4 Switch and router configuration   1.3 implementation     1.3.1 installation schedule to be developed     1.3.2 Do install both switch and router     1.3.3 Server installation     1.3.4 Workstations installation and configurations     1.3.5 End User Training Task 22— Controls Objectives and Goals Scope of the Project High-Level Schedule You Establish Benefits and Budget Define both Governance and Resourcing Define Management Approaches Task 23 — Factors that impact time estimates When it comes to time estimates, it combines several certain aspects like hardware delivery being delayed; This incorporates delayed delivery of hardware, failure of the important task which is crucial to the success of a system.

For example is if a system has not been configured well before it’ s deployment, some of the components won’ t work well like disk cloning Skills of workers and cost of tools also play a key role. Task 24— Determining the positions required As a matter of positions, the team could be comprised of:     instructional designer for all designs aspects course writers a graphic designer for corporate identity 1– 2 programmers as the development team a part-time network engineer server support as part-time   Task 26 — Change negotiation In response to Bob and Peta, I would have prepared all supporting facts concerning the case at hand.

Secondly, I would have gathered the necessary points to convince Mr.

Jenkinson (giving him the reasons as to why the suggestion was difficult to implement putting into consideration of specification and time-bound). Lastly, I would check to ensure my facts correspond to Petra’ s and that the decision was correct. I would finish by meeting Mr. Jenkinson to present my augment. Task 27- reviewing an implementation standard The first Status Report shows that the project was progressing well. Everything was ready and the project plan had been completed in less time than what was expected. Data gathering had commenced. By looks, it appeared from far that the project was better than expected during start time.

This was mainly due to the time saved in project planning. Task 28: Installation tasks and resources Resources: A computer with Windows 2000 or XP operating system installed A web browser (Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0, Netscape 7.1 or updated versions) with JavaScript enabled. A CAT 5 Ethernet cable to connect your PC to the switch. A Phillips head screwdriver Appropriate wall fasteners Drill and supporting equipment to install wall fasteners A 240v power point near the switch mounting location The required number of UTP cables from workstations and ADSL router to switch mounting location. Tasks: Unpack and check the switch for physical damage if any Then on the switch Install mounting brackets Mount the switch on the wall Make sure no data connections are there to the switch. Connect 240v power to the switch and turn it on. Wait for the switch SETUP LED to blink green Then press the SETUP button When a switch port LED blinks green, connect your PC to that port. When the SETUP LED turns green, start a browser session on the PC. Enter the network settings as follows: Task 29: Data flow diagram From the diagram, the process description should have a verb – that is appointment diary does not illustrate what this process does. The data flow description above must only use a noun – on that, check appointment does not describe the data that is coming from the data store. The data store must also have a name The appointment data confirmation can’ t go from the raw data store directly to the patient; it has to go through a process. There is no data that goes into the data store – when there is nothing that goes into it we can’ t get anything of it!   Task 30: Determine client requirements The system should provide for storage of at least seven years of financial documents.

There would also need to be methods provided for easy access to this historical information if required. It is important to check what level of money related detail was required to be held, i.e. are the greater part of the points of interest fundamental or just analysis archives. Task 31: Identify transitional issues Some of the transitional issues may include: Training needed. Impacted accounting system. The existence of the Internet sites.   Task 35: Review of project lessons Mistake 1: The organization failed to assignee the right person to carry out the management of the project.

During resource allocation, one of the most important things is to find the right resources instead of finding the right project manager. However, an inadequately trained and/or inexperienced project manager can doom a project which might be the case for the above scenario. Solution: In the future, choose a project manager whose skills match the project requirements. Mistake 2: Failing to get everyone on the team behind the project.

In most cases, projects fail because they didn't get any or enough support from the concerned departments and people involved in the project. Solution:   The project manager should ensure everyone is actively into project development and deployment. Mistake 3: The organization put too many projects into production at once. Solution: The solution to this is to reduce the number of open projects by 25% -50%. Mistake 4: They failed to be specific enough with the Scope Solution: Scope definition of the project should be from the outset and monitor the project regularly so as to make sure the team is working within the scope Mistake 5: They were not flexible enough. Solution: The organization should  be open to suggestions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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