Essays on Setting Up Sports Brand Hotel in Malaysia Research Proposal

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The paper “ Sеtting Uр а Sроrts Brаnd Ноtеl in Маlаysiа” is an engrossing example of the research proposal on business. Malaysia is one of the fastest emerging nations in the world. From 2012 to 2016, Malaysia posted recorded an average growth rate of 5%, which is one of the highest in the world. The service sector, in particular, has been key to the growth of the Malaysian economy. Reports indicate that Malaysian hotels have experienced immense growth, which has been spurred by economic growth coupled with an influx of international tourists in the country.

According to Statista (2017) report, revenue from the hotel industry amounted to US$471 million in 2017. Despite the growth of the hotel industry in Malaysia, some hotels operators have not been able to record full hotel bookings due to lack of enough customers to occupy the rooms, key among them being Impiana KLCC Hotel that is based at the heart of Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur (Samori & Sabtu 2014, p. 145). The low demand experienced by Impiana KLCC Hotel signifies the failure of the hotel to meet the needs of customers that keep changing time and again.

For this reason, to ensure the success of the Impiana KLCC Hotel it needs to conduct thorough market research to identify the opportunity available in the market for exploitation. 1.1 Business Opportunity/IssueAlthough some boutique hotels struggle in Malaysia, the opportunity exists to change the situation that Impiana KLCC Hotel is currently in by introducing and exiting theme in the hotel. In particular, a huge opportunity exists to introduce a football sports theme in the hotel to make it more appealing to the Malaysian football fanatics.

Malaysia is a country where sports are part of the culture of the nation. Although there are many sports that are loved by the Malaysian people, such as badminton, football remains the most popular sport in Malaysia (Rai 2015). Football was introduced in Malaysia by the British several years ago and has since been picked up by the Malaysian people who have made it a leading sport with the largest fan base in the country. Malaysian love for football is demonstrated by the number of fans that usually throng the major football tournaments just to watch their favorite football clubs clash against each other both locally and internationally.


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