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Business Research Employee monitoring is the act of monitoring and supervising all employees’ computers from a central location byan organization. It is set up over a business network, and it permits easy and centralized log monitoring through one central networked PC (Turner, 2008). This paper will discuss some of the employee monitoring policies. It will state whether these policies are clearly stated in an employee’s handbook where the writer works among other issues. Some of the employees monitoring policies that exist are: e-mail scanning, data entry, phone works and retail, video surveillance as well as location monitoring.

E-mail scanning refers to the process of passing e-mails through e-mail filtering software to look for content which may breach the rules of the employer. Location monitoring, on the other hand, refers to tracking employees within the organization to check whether they are keeping up with the organizations rules (Turner, 2008). There are a number of people who were consulted to find out whether these policies are stated in the employee hand book, and it was found out that most of the organizations have hand books that clearly state these policies.

The employee handbook includes information regarding the company’s procedures and policies. Some of the employees monitoring tools that organizations use are phone monitoring tools, video surveillance tools, and computer monitoring software. Call monitoring tools are tools that enable people to listen in to live phone calls. They are mostly applied in organizations in order to monitor phone calls to ensure that the employees are not misusing the company’s assets (Field Logix, 2010). From an ethical and legal point of view, workers should not surrender all of their privacy while they are in their work setting.

Confidentiality can become a moral issue, although it is vital to know what the employer and employee rights are. The ethical challenge that companies encounter involves shielding their interests through Internet monitoring while making sure they do not go so far that employees lose all sense of confidentiality in the office. If a company wants to monitor their workers, the only extreme that they could reach if monitoring is finding out whether the employee is in line with his or her work in the organization.

An owner of a company should only look to monitor whether his or her employees are in line with their duties and should not interrupt with the privacy of his or her employees. A company should keep its records and databases safe for easy references. Keeping records and databases safe helps a company to monitor its progress, identify receipt sources and to keep track of deductible expense. It also ensures that no asset of the company was misused in its processes (Turner, 2008).

Having offsite an employee working for a company has many advantages than its disadvantages. Some of the advantages of offsite employees are: there are no workstations needed in the office there are flexible working hours and allows people to work at their own leisure time. The major disadvantage of offsite workers is that it lacks social contact with the co-workers. This could take employees out of the loop it the company’s plans (Turner, 2008). For an organization with 100 workers, but 20% of them are offsite workers, some of the monitoring policies that could be applied are telephone e-mail scanning, location monitoring, phone monitoring, and computer monitoring and video surveillance.

In conclusion, the monitoring policies would help to management of the organization to keep track to its employees. The management should, however, not look to invade of their workers privacy and only monitor matters that regard their duty in the organization. References Field Logix. (2010). Electronic monitoring system implementation strategies. NP. Retrieved from http: //www. fieldtechnologies. com/docs/GPS_tracking_implementation. pdf Turner, R. (2008). Employee monitoring: An essential component of your risk management strategy.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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