Essays on Development of Planning Strategies and Identification of Objectives for the Small Business Coursework

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The paper "Development of Planning Strategies and Identification of Objectives for the Small Business" is a great example of business coursework. The paper looks into the setting up of a profitable and sustainable small scale business in the country of Australia. The business that is going to be set up will be that of a retailing nature and will be developed on the basis of small capital investment. There will be no manufacturing involved, but the products (that are clothing, necklaces, accessories, etc) are going to be imported from another country, China where they shall be procured at the wholesale rate.

The project aims at setting up a retailing shop or stands at the cultural programs and meets in Victoria, which is rich in various cultural groups and has ethnic diversity. The business will be taking into account the multicultural nature of the society and the project shall try to achieve an integration of customer base through its policies. The paper is going to be developed on these basic themes and through this will try to achieve the objectives of multicultural integration and profitable functioning of the business. Development of planning strategies and identification of objectives for the small business: It has often been observed that there are various reasons that lead to the failure of the profitable functioning of businesses in the country.

The main reason for this is that the businesses fail to develop long term planning and there is a lack of vision, but they, in the short run function properly. In the following section, there shall be a detailed development of the planning process for any small businesses that may be functioning or being set up in the mixed Australian society, focusing mainly on Centre Dynamic Clothing which shall look into the short term goals, medium-term goals and long term goals for the businesses to pursue.

The objectives will be identified. Small Term Planning: The short term plan is to be adopted for a period of a year or less than a year, where the main objective that the company will be to focus on the diverse cultures that exist in the society and ensure that the products and services provided is able to cater to the various needs of these diverse groups.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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