Essays on Modern Technologies for Business Start Up Case Study

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The paper "Modern Technologies for Business Start-Up " is a wonderful example of a case study on business.   The paper is a proposal to Bill providing suggested solutions to his business start-up plan. It provides Bill with the details of what he must buy so as to have what is necessary to conduct his business using modern technology. The details comprise hardware requirements, other technologies, software & training, operating system, and cost.   Details Hardware: Laptop would be preferable due to its portability and capacity of the computing system. The laptop specifications would include “ Alienware - 18.4" Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 32GB Memory - 2TB Hard Drive + 80GB Solid State Drive - Silver – Silver. ” The laptop capacity will allow Bill to store catalog information from respective companies efficiently (Best Buy, 2014).

A tablet device with SIM capability to allow him answers phone calls, and set up video conferencing phone calls. Samsung Galaxy Tab (Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.7” 8GB Wi-Fi white (refurbished)) has incorporated 3G/phone capacities and takes an STD SIM card (Best Buy, 2014). Operating Systems: The laptop and Samsung Galaxy Tab accepts window OS.

The available window operating system would be window 7 or window 8. Bill can install window 7/8 operation systems on laptop and purchase window app Samsung Galaxy. Bill has experience with windows thus it will be easy for him to operate the devices. The OSs specifications are “ Windows 7 Ultimate with Service Pack 1 64-bit – License and Media - 1 PC – PC” and “ Windows 8.1 Professional 64-Bit - System Builder (OEM) – Windows (Best Buy, 2014). ” Other Technologies: With cloud computing bill will no longer need to waste large amounts of initial capital on the software and hardware necessary to run his restaurant network.

In most cloud settings, these costs and the cost to sustain the network are incorporated in a flat, monthly bill. In addition, when the server and system backbones such as switches, storage, and firewalls need upgrading, it is the accountability of the cloud supplier to do these upgrades. Business Continuity incorporated in the Cloud setting due to savings gained through advanced worker productivity and improved efficiency (Imagine IT (2014).

The clouding system will allow Bill to use email services such as  compose and send emails at any moment, at any place a supply makes an order through  the Internet to respective suppliers. In addition, be capable of answering phone calls, and setting up video conferencing phone calls. Wi-Fi will allow instant internet access. Samsung galaxy will assist with mobile computing activities. Software & Training: Restaurant point of sale (POS) software Microsoft Office 2013 suite (word, access, excel) Microsoft Server software Bill must enroll in a computer package course to get acquainted with the above applicable software.   Conclusion The above software and information will assist Bill to make an informed decision and budget effectively during the start of the business.

The hardware requirements, other technologies, software & training, operating system, and cost information are essential though costs are approximations from Best Buy Corporation. The prices could vary depending on the company Bill decided to make purchases.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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