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The paper "Types of Sampling Methods That the Researcher Would Use" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Television critics complain that the amount of violence shown on television contributes to violence in our society. A sociologist theorized that people who watch television frequently are exposed to many commercials, which in turn lead them to buy, resulting in increasing debt. To test this belief, a researcher plans to survey a sample of families across the country. Question 1 Types of survey methods that the researcher would use. Cross-Sectional Survey: This survey method is used to collect data of a given population at a specified time.

For instance, this method will be used to explain the relationship between violence and watching television. Elsewhere questionnaires and interviews may be carried out across the countries to express the correlation between the increasing numbers of debts in banks to the commercial adverts on television that cause people to be irrational in their shopping habits. Longitudinal Survey: This survey method collects information over a given period of time. The researcher then gathers the data collected over time, analyze it using computer packages such as excel and present it in tables and graphs to show the trends over a given time.

In this case, the researcher may decide to monitor two types of children, those who watch television and those who do not, then he collects their weight measures over time and calculates their IBM then draw a graph to show the trend over time. Written Survey: This is the survey method that involves the use of questionnaires to carry out the study. It is a closed-end mode of data collection since it contains specified questions that the correspondent has to fill.

It can be used to collect data such as IBM where we need written figures as evidence for the research or for future referenced. Verbal Survey: This method may be used when the researcher aims at getting more information than that of the fieldwork. It is open-ended in nature. For example, the researcher may use oral interviews to collect data on other causes of the increased level of debt other than commercials on television.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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