Essays on Development a Golf Resort and Health Spa by Rosehill Enterprises Case Study

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The paper 'Development a Golf Resort and Health Spa by Rosehill Enterprises" is an outstanding example of a management case study. This paper offers an insight into the different underlying elements, which may influence the feasibility of the proposed golf resort and health spa to be built by Rosehill Enterprises in Croatia. Under the current volatile economy, the company faces numerous strategic challenges. In spite of these challenges, this document asserts that opportunities abound for Rosehill Enterprises and the construction of the proposed golf resort is one among many in the midst of the crisis.

This report makes the following recommendations to Rosehill Enterprises. Property configuration is a significant element when trying to attain various key aims such as ease of operations, attracting multinational customers, and ultimately, providing acceptable returns on investments. The process of the development of the properties ought to follow the sequential steps of concept formulation, project planning, property construction, operations and asset management. Once the process is complete and operational, periodic review of product and business efficiency need a continuous review to ensure the actualization of planned performance (Ransley and Ingram, 2004). Due to the rapidly changing business environment and industry conditions, this study is only valid as of August 2012.

John Templemann looks forward to providing ongoing assistance to Rosehill Enterprises and trusts that this study proposes the best strategy for Rosehill Enterprises at this point. Introduction This strategic report reviews the proposal to develop a golf resort and health spa by Rosehill Enterprises. This study assesses the overall view of the hotel industry within which the company operates. The study also examines the product development strategies, marketing and highlights the challenges of the development of the property and facilities.

The recommendations of the study are given according to the findings. The analysis provided by this report includes all the factors, both external and internal, likely to influence the construction of the proposed golf resort and health spa. These include the culture in Croatia, opportunities from tourism, project capacity and design. This report also summarizes the product development strategy, differentiation from other existing products in the Dalmatian coast, market opportunities available for Rosehill Enterprises, and the challenges likely to be faced by both the company and the proposed project. Purpose of the report The aim of this strategic report is to provide recommendations to Rosehill Enterprises regarding the feasibility of the proposed golf resort and health spa at the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. The hospitality industry in Croatia The hospitality industry contributes a lot to the economy of Croatia.

Efforts by the government to brand the country as a quality tourist destination have paid off with increasing numbers of people travelling to the country, each year. Although there are few tourism destinations, compared to other countries, the cultures are diverse and the country has a lot to offer.

The government has also ensured the modernization of resorts, as well as improved tourism infrastructure.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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