Essays on Business Strategy - The Performance of Dell Company in the Computer Industry Case Study

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The paper "Business Strategy - The Performance of Dell Company in the Computer Industry" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Dell Company is a very complex and dynamic organization since it has proven that it can offer quality services and is dedicated to giving the best to its customers. It’ s well-established management values have kept the company well ahead of other competitors as well as gaining market leadership in the computer industry business. Change management and process analysis is an essential process in a business environment. Dell is an organization that is being chosen in the computer industry.

In a business organization, the change process involves a reality of events behind every process. It is considered to be a daily cycle that helps in dealing with various concerns and issues of any organization since it depends on the actions of management. By choosing the organizational process of DELL as the focus of discussion and analysis, my major role is to deal with both the external and internal changes. DELL is the only computer company that listens to its consumers and collaborates well with partners and delivers innovative technology in an efficient and effective way.

The company has managed to spread its wings and advance to attain the number one position in the computer industry across the world. From a very small company that was established by the sole efforts of an undergraduate student from the University of Texas, Dell Company has grown into a huge computer corporation that employs well over 55,000 employees with an annual turnover rate of $ 50 billion annually. The corporation was started by Michael Dell in 984, as a retail shop for selling computer systems.

Today, DELL is the most successful company dealing in computer products. The company’ s headquarters are based in Round Rock, Texas. The main objective of this report is to give an analysis of the performance of Dell Company in the computer industry that has stiff competition. It also analyzes the factors, which have made Dell successfully take full advantage of the business structure is formulated. Furthermore, the report will provide full detail of both the external and internal analyses. The future developments and a detailed five-year plan of Dell Company and the general computer industry will also be examined.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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