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The paper "Japan Economic Growth " is an outstanding example of a business assignment. The Japanese apparel market is said to be taking a drastic change from the time the kimono robes were swapped in exchange for the western threads. The recent innovation is being driven by channel, consumer and the competitive shifts on the market in regard to the concerts with rapid online migration are recasting the business models that have created opportunities for lucky businesses as they lock out others. Despite this, the Japanese apparel market isn’ t doing positively today as compared to the years of 2005.

Its market price profit is said to declining by 2 percent on yearly basis. This challenge doesn’ t seem dangerous to the marketers for it posses great potential for great market players in the Japanese apparel market. Some of the underlying factors to this drastic change can be explained through PEST analysis which implies political, economic, social and technological issues affecting the market growth. Driving forces Japan economic growth The Japanese economy is one of the driving forces behind the success of the Japanese apparel industry.

Japan is one of the countries today which is doing well economically as well as technologically. With the economic growth, many industries are doing competitively well. From the case, after the post-war, the Japanese economy and customer needs for fashion and lifestyle-related products emerged which eventually led to the development of the industry. Technology Japan is doing tremendously well in terms of technology hence it's one of the countries doing well in terms of technology. Through the use of mobile technology, websites made the Tokyo Girls Company attract more than 20,000 young females’ visitors in total.

Using the mobile phones and the audience were able to check fashion merchandise for their favourite’ s models hence purchasing them online without any difficulties. Technology, therefore, has made it easier for customer’ s to access products easily online as well as purchase them without any difficulties.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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