Essays on Business Sustainability for Gorilla Health Bars Case Study

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The paper "Business Sustainability for Gorilla Health Bars" is a perfect example of a business case study.   This report provides a concise analysis of a wide range challenges that Gorilla Health Bars (GHB) food outlet is facing as well as the solutions to these problems so as to ensure sustainability both in the short and long run. In addition, the report provides the intended recommendations that the CEO of Gorilla Health Bar is required to undertake with immediate effect so as to ensure the provision of health and quality services as well as ensuring customer satisfaction.

It is worth noting that the services you offer to your esteemed customers will either make them come back and more so with more customers or either go away completely without coming back again. 2Introduction This report was commissioned to examine and investigate the challenges that the GHB Company is facing. Having operated for four years, GHB is facing dire challenges i. e. decrease in profit, limited budget to implement Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, increasing public focus on health eating mainly focusing on the sustainability of their customers and acquisition of more customers, countering the cost of sustaining the company and more so, improving the reputation of the company (Michael, 2009 Pg.

28). As a CSR consultant, I strongly believe that good services rendered to the customers in relation to their expectations will ultimately lift the profitability of the company as well as improving their profile based on corporate social responsibility and also within their operating system. The report is aimed at addressing the following concerns 2.0To analyze the current situation of GHB (Gorilla Health Bars) in regard to their approach to ensuring sustainability 2.1Secondly, to make recommendations to the management of the Gorilla Health Bars on how to incorporate more sustainable business practices, with a focus on future progress and sustainability of the GHB. 3Background Research has found out that for customers in any business set up to gain loyalty, the business needs to offer a better environment i. e.

inclusive of the employees who deliver to the expectations of the clients, offering friendly services as expected by the clients among many others. In addition, a good menu selection as in the case of Gorilla Health Bars is an eminent area of concern owing to the focus of the customers to healthier eating (Kate, 2009 pg.

72). On a wider range of approaches, concise decision making more so based on the performance of the company as well as basing on the feedback from the clients is a very crucial and critical aspect in ensuring the sustainability of a business. Developing quick decision-making skills and an appreciation of customer service, of which is needed in the case of GHB is a holistic approach of ensuring customer satisfaction and hence more returns (profitability) at the end of the day.

This will also ensure that the company does not only focus on the short term sustainability but also the long term sustainability, which is the focus of any business venture.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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