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The paper "Business-to-Business Marketing Management" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Business-to-business (B2B) denotes the business transactions between businesses rather than businesses and consumers. B2B marketing places emphasis on the creation of value to the customers and as a consequence, creation of financial value to the company rather than just selling the products. As established, effective business clients often depend on methods that seek to overcome the tendency for opportunism. An underlying implication is to view customer relationship management as a means to maximizing the increased value of the customer portfolio.

To a considerable degree, the business clients will often expect CRM to improve the role of marketing, and consequently, improve the visibility of marketing within an organization's top management. Since business clients always look to obtain significant value from the supplier’ s marketing processes and activities, the role of marketing managing in creating value is critical. Taking these into perspective, managers will need to deliver value to customers by embedding value in the idea, services, information, goods, or all other types of solutions provided to the customer. Marketing managers should also search for exchange partners their companies can work with to make successful transactions.

They should also handle the relative power dependence since dependence is a direct implication of exchange. They also need to manage customer relationships. Critically, the fundamental role of managing relationships is to control economic exchange. Business-to-business (B2B) refers to commercial transactions or exchanges among businesses. Examples include a supplier and a business client, or a manufacturer to a wholesaler (Glynn 2009). A practical example includes the case of Apple and Samsung. The B2B relationship between Apple and Samsung puts the latter in a position of supplying a significant proportion of the raw materials, such as application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), optical drives, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) to Apple.

Apple uses raw materials to make tablet computers and smartphones for its sale. Currently, Apple is Samsung’ s most faithful and largest customer, while Samsung is Apple’ s biggest suppliers. This is essentially a part of Samsung and Apple’ s business-to-business model (Partner Centre 2012). This paper presents a critical review of the development of marketing theory and concepts within the context of business-to-business marketing.

It further explores how marketing managers can leverage theory and concepts. Lastly, a personal reflection on perspectives regarding marketing and marketing managers is presented. Theory and marketing concept development The concept of networking in B2B marketing Current studies indicate that the field of B2B marketing is rapidly changing due to advanced technology, the greater number of distributions channels and the increased expectation of value creation between the buyer and the seller in B2B marketing (Woodward Fellows 2008; Glynn and Woodside 2012), . According to Glynn and Woodside (2012), B2B marketing is marked by the rapidly changing buyer behaviors and greater prominence of networking and conversations. Regardless of such complexities and constraints, finding, developing and maintaining relationships is at the heart of business marketing.

For these reasons, Glynn and Woodside (2012) explain that businesses involved in B2B marketing tend to be centered on two key strategies, creating demand and creating efficient marketing based value addition and networking strategies. To promote demand, Blythe and Zimmerman (2005) suggest that business have to create interrelationships that are of mutual value. In fact, Kleinaltenkamp and Ehret (2006) comment that B2B has achieved largely borrowed concepts from behavioral science and product marketing of business services.


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