Essays on Business Marketing - Acme Corporation Case Study

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The paper "Business Marketing - Acme Corporation " is a great example of a management case study.   Acme Corporation founded by Tom Shore is a pioneer organization established from the past eight years specializing in the B 2 B clientage. Its main interaction is with the ISP’ s and cable and satellite providers. To tap the current market profitable opportunities, Acme Corporation should form an alliance with the Southern Technologies which is a major diversified technology company. The main purpose for Acme getting into this alliance was basically to access to both finance and new markets and provides future financial stability.

However, there are quite a few efforts which Acme could look at so as to create and strengthen a working relationship between Southern Technologies and Acme. First and foremost being, the development of a partnering state of mind, as it becomes easier and comfortable for a person to get along with another, there are companies who show a commendable performance by embedding strong relationship values in their culture. One needs to clearly define and articulate the business purpose for managing and creating relationships effectively (Tabatoni P, Davies J, Barblan A, viewed on 19th August 2008). Alliances and ventures or any other kind of business organization are formed to tap new markets, deploy new technologies and access knowledge and structural assets, without having to own those resources; an organization can enhance the turnover and the profit margins utilizing the optimum potential for faster growth and higher performance.

Acme should aim for the maximum outcome by joining hands with Southern Technologies incorporating all cultures values simultaneously. Effective relationship management depends upon the way business is conducted and advanced. It is generally seen that an eminent number of firms which have well defined systematic process enclosing all aspects such as procurement, sourcing, manufacturing, often overlook the management of relationships, to display a good execution, companies are advancing further, same as Acme Corporation, options such as training programs could enhance not only the routine work but even the negotiation skills and the techniques for managing strategic relationships.

The strategic relationships could be formed in various ways such as alliances, joint ventures, partnerships, licensing, outsourcing and other kinds. Here in the case of Acme Corporation and Southern Technologies, entering into a merger or an acquisition is also one of the alternatives available because the motive is to achieve greater business scale and heights, integrating new capabilities and opportunities in their business.

Acme specializes in products that help businesses overcome problems to access internet points at broadband frequencies and have been developing several new technologies, and on the other hand, Southern Technologies advances in technology products and services supplied to the automotive aerospace and information technology market worldwide. Even an alliance could be beneficial in such a case as both of them are looking forward to merging together the different capabilities.

They should adopt a learning attitude, more flexibility and a broad frame of mind for a successful strategic relationship. Successful organizations emphasize more on converting relationship management into corporate capability. Relationship management requires sincere and dedicated attitude towards accomplishments of collaborative business aims.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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