Essays on The Norfolk Southern Corporation Business Management Case Study

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The paper "The Norfolk Southern Corporation Business Management " is a perfect example of a business case study. Business management is a vulnerable tool in an entity that determines the dimension for growth and development of an entity. The aspect of managing an organization calls for the implementation of strategies that will automatically touch and meet the needs of the consumers in the market. The method including the determination of the current challenges affecting the consumers and determine the specific tools that will focus on customer optimization and profit maximization. It is evident that the developed organizations in the globe have a developed method of planning to realize the market needs and the methodology to approach the market that has always kept them in the highest rank (Berner, 2007).

The research evaluates the techniques applied by different organisations to establish strategies to meet the needs of the market in different perspectives as described below. Task 1 Norfolk railway Background The Norfolk southern corporation is one of the premier railway transportation companies in the united states, which was incorporated in 1982 after amalgamating with the southern and western railways which enhanced the acquisition of a large market share.

History asserts that this monopolization led to the acquisition of over 40% of assets from the other entities thus equipping Norfolk to meet the demands of the market. The company had a mission to remain very competitive in the transportation industry in the state being the safest through shipment of the customer’ s products from one point to another earning a large market segment. Fortunately, the incorporation of the companies led to the extensive growth of the company in the country and was now able to serve customers from 22 states travelling across more than 20,000 routes in the states (Harris, 2009).

It provided a strategy for profit maximization and the acquisition of a large market segment. Statistical report analyses that the Norfolk company in the united states is one of the high revenue contributing entities where it provides a minimum of 30,000 dollars in the country.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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