Essays on Total Quality Management Issues - Vinci Company Case Study

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The paper 'Total Quality Management Issues - Vinci Company " is a good example of a management case study. Total Quality Management (TQM) is a management procedure of an institution focused on quality founded upon the participation of every member focusing on long-run success via consumer satisfaction as well as remuneration to every member of the institution and the society as a whole (Prajogo, Daniel and Sohal, 2006). In addition, TQM is considered a method used to consistently enhance the quality of every organization, operations, products as well as services. TQM is grounded on a set of rationales that looks at increasing the satisfaction of their stakeholders via better utilization of organizational resources.

Then again, the level of impact of each quality management precept on institutional effectiveness is still under debate. Various studies have been conducted to investigate the effects of applying TQM principles on the general effectiveness as well as performances of an organization (Prajogo, Daniel and Sohal, 2006). Also, the successful implementation of TQM in the construction industry has encouraged leaders to analyze whether it can be employed in the construction industry (Oakland and Marosszeky, 2006).

For instance, Vinci is a French concession and construction firm and is considered one of the largest construction companies in the world. They utilize TQM in their operations to improve their customer satisfaction, increase efficiency as well as improved construction organizational performance. This paper will highlight the current TQM of Vinci Company. It will also highlight the implementation of TQM and how it can be enhanced to improve their organizational performance. Furthermore, it will address the hard and soft tissues affecting TQM. Total Quality Management The implementation of TQM is identical to that of decentralized control techniques (Abdullah, 2010).

The development of Total Quality Management requires organizations to understand the customers’ definition of quality in terms of goods and services.


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