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The paper 'Business Web Innovation' is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. The growth of the internet and social networking sites has created a vast arena, offering more opportunities for businesses, especially small to medium-sized businesses to sell their services and products to a worldwide audience faster and effectively. Given the strategic significance of the small to medium-sized enterprises sector to job creation and growth and the huge base of present internet users and potential users, the success of small to medium-sized businesses attaining business leverage from social media is vital to the future of worldwide economies.

Small to medium-sized businesses stand to gain considerably from the benefits and opportunities social media provides to businesses. Thus, the utilization of social media is broadly viewed as vital for the competitiveness and success of small to medium-sized businesses within the emerging worldwide market. Introduction Businesses are searching for novel technologies to achieve their distinctive business needs and to position themselves in order to be able to take advantage of the global shifts in business activities. Social media refers to mobile and web-based technologies utilized to turn communication into an interactive dialogue amid communities, individuals, and organizations.

Both large and small business requires information to succeed in a modern-day changing business environment. They need to be capable to utilize information and target markets through the use of social media applications. The expansion of social media has created a huge arena, offering more opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses (SME) to be able to market their services and products to a worldwide audience. This report looks at relevant social media applications relevant to small to medium-sized businesses and how businesses can fully exploit these applications. Social media applications Identification and description of relevant social media applications for a small to medium-sized business The most common social media applications for small to medium-sized businesses include twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

According to Kerpen (2011), Twitter is a popular social networking site utilized by companies and individuals. Companies can utilize twitter to expand their social networks and thus access diverse perspectives and more information. Twitter permits organizations to be in direct contact with customers and also offers a platform for organizations to easily communicate with customers.

Customers are free to enquire or give opinions on organizations; services and products through twitter. Subsequently, these organizations are able to quickly respond to questions and know the needs and want of customers, assisting to offer the best services or products to customers. Facebook is a social network that allows a company to offer photos, videos, and descriptions of its services and products. Facebook videos can display when and how to utilize a product and may also involve testimonials of other followers who comment on product pages for other users to see (Kerpen, 2011). Companies use blogging platforms to create an environment for online connections with clients.

Companies that identify the need for accessibility, originality, and information utilize blogs to make their services and products distinctive and to reach out to a wider audience. According to Kerpen, (2011), blogs permit a company or product to offer longer descriptions of services and products. Blogs can also entail testimonials and can link from and to Twitter and Facebook. Blogs are frequently updated and act as promotional methods of attracting and retaining customers.

LinkedIn is a professional business connected networking site that permits businesses to develop professional profiles as well as profiles for their businesses to network and meet customers. LinkedIn offers its users the chance to create business partners and sales leads. Members are able to utilize company pages that are identical to Facebook pages to develop an arena that will permit businesses to promote their services and products and be capable of interacting with their clients. YouTube is a popular social media application that allows enterprises to promote the services and products they provide in a manner that suits the target audience, It offers web-based videos where users are able to access and freely upload a video.

It is free for commercial utilization, permitting organizations to promote their products and services (Kerpen, 2011).


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